Great scholar qian mu “relationships between teachers and students” : those who marry at the age of 27 beautiful wife (FIG.)

ms Hu Meiqi Mr Mu and money.

in late March 2012, Mrs Mu Hu Meiqi, died at the age of 83. News also turn obituaries of issue of the new Asia in Hong Kong, said & other; Hu Meiqi for taking care of Mr. Qian, hence faculty, as Mr. Qian on the education and writings in immortal exploits, whom to wei & throughout; .

The father of the

Hu Meiqi Hu Gufeng, during the period of Anti-Japanese War in shandong, jiangxi and other places. After the victory of the war of resistance against Japan, with Xiong Shihui Hu Gufeng to northeast HangYuan secretary-general, dismissal as chairman of jiangxi province. In 1949, he moved with his family to Hong Kong, unexpected achievement here daughter Hu Meiqi gone with marriage.

gone with separation

in the spring of 1949, mu at home for illness. His earlier in the pre-qin scholars age confirming, Liu Xiang pu xin, father and son “, “outline of national history”, “China nearly three hundred years of academic history” and other books lead economist’s attention, and taught at yanjing university, tsinghua university, Beijing university for many years, is the popular at that time the scholars in China. But the stomach trouble is always the old trouble of mu. No matter how incredible, qian mu is always humble scholar, private life all by Mrs Zhang Yiguan manageable. Zhang Yiguan teach in a primary school, and qian mu had five children. Can concentrate on Stanford university to her husband, she led the size of the house chores.

in 1937, the Anti-Japanese War broke out, mu to follow school fleeing chuan, dian, preparing followed up with his wife and children. The fire spread, and risks. A woman with four young children, traveling from Beijing to sichuan really hard, she had to bring the children back to family in suzhou. For intermittent fighting, mu quietly run back, will mother connect to suzhou garden with daughter-in-law lotus root. His first wish is teach in a village, can be good for clothing, food and clothing. Family reunions are only 1 year, he again be pushed the situation must leave.

left, mu farewell old wives. Zhang Yiguan tell children, & other; Throughout their &; Know the father, is that high rank, he went to the don’t walk. Although young, children also know & other; Throughout their &; Refer to himself and traitors.

refugees in the southwest of several years, mother died, the youngest daughter was born, mu can squire in the side. Qian mu’s condition is not good, poor, stomach trouble. After the victory of the war, for the sake of nourishing the stomach, 51, mu in friends advice, back to their hometown to live, in jiangnan university Ren Wenxue dean, finally reunited with his wife and son.

calm days before long, the civil war on, students have to take to the streets. Mu persuade invalid, trouble has become a trend. Even with his eldest son in jiangnan university to study more money also was fired for student. He picked up gave up smoking for many years, to smoke a pipe.

mu grew up in the late qing and early republic, read old books, then came the may fourth movement, people will traditional culture section for & other; The step back & throughout; The root cause. Mu thought, the traditional culture and can create is sheer nonsense to power in one thousand, has its own deep contact with the land and people’s spirit. Mu has always been to inheriting the Chinese culture as its own duty, but this young man, buoyed by the Soviet revolution, the revenge on traditional Chinese culture are more disease, he felt himself in & other; Throughout Russia melts &; In the storm.

civil war situation plummet, mu know, don’t walk again. Mu commander entrust suzhou yugoslav capital at any time to take care of the small.