Guangxu position answer sheet 3 meters long exposure examinee wrote more than 2000 words (FIG.)

guangxu position answer sheet 3 meters long exposure examinee wrote more than 2000 words (figure)

jiangyin archives collection of twelve years guangxu position 陈燨唐 paper photocopies. The original has been lost.

volume the first top write places

knowledge change destiny. Through the ages, countless different kinds of exams are verified with the words of truth.

files through this issue, please follow jiangyin yangzi evening news reporter walked into the archives, to see hundred years ago, the qing dynasty emperor period position answer sheet.

through this year got the 37th jiangyin examinee 陈燨唐 good grades in the name of the questionnaire, we can see is that as the highest level of test under the imperial examination system, the influence of the position beyond personal destiny, and extended to the country.

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how can position?

the ancient imperial examination in the form of a first position is very simple, the emperor is a strategy problem, examinee answer, also called & other; Andy countermeasures & throughout; . In general, were held in normal yesterday, secretary for policy topic number, after the emperor selected several questions, be distinguished into volume production. Distributed to the next day, after strictly confidential, the examinee.

unexpected finding: the number three from jintan

when doing this file through the reports, the reporters find historical data accidentally discovered in the twelfth year of guangxu with this hero 陈燨唐 another examinee Feng Xu equivalent position, he was 44 years old, zhenjiang jintan people. But it is worth mentioning that the Feng Xu was a high school no.

1 position what exam like?

3 meters long, jiangyin examinee wrote more than 2000 words, take an examination of the 37

on the wall of the jiangyin archives of showroom, Yangtze evening news reporter saw the pure framed the position papers. Papers about 3 meters long and is in turn from right to left are written on the examinee information frontispiece and paper body length of about 2000 words.

look frontispiece, examinee named 陈燨唐. & other; A first position juren 陈燨唐, thirty years old, people often states jiangyin county, jiangsu. By the enclosed gongsheng shall, after having obtained Chinese metropolitan examinations of the first year of guangxu; A by juren should be twelve years guangxu to Chinese style; This should be the first position. I will, after three generations of foot color issue in great-grandparent macro level; Face along; The parent type gold. Throughout the &;

the top of the frontispiece, visible line of red characters, & other; Dimethyl 34. Throughout the &; This is the final grade 陈燨唐 that year in first position.

& other; The result is wonderful. Throughout the &; Jiangyin literature and history research experts, the 69 – year – old Shen Junhong told reporters, the yangzi evening news in qing dynasty, the imperial examination is divided into child try, hosted by the provinces to learn politics by is in, commonly known as & other The show just & throughout; ; Khin sent the examiner in the provinces, after having obtained, metropolitan examinations will be hosted in person for & other Throughout this &; ; Does hosting the national will, in the person for & other; GongShi & throughout; ; & is presided over by the emperor’s position, in other Jinshi & throughout; . & other; Jinshi was divided into three, a three, respectively first, second, number three, two three, a number of the known as & lsquo; Gold placard title & rsquo; . As the highest imperial examination system specification test, first position the candidate is reading bo smell, can in dimethyl enough to family. Throughout the &;

according to Mr Shen Junhong, 陈燨唐 achieved & other; Dimethyl 34 name & throughout; , including the top three, the name of the 37 is equivalent to the first position.

although be photocopies, but in the words of jiangyin Gu Jiang, head of the archive gallery, & other; In addition to the paper material is different, is almost a full copy of the original. Throughout the &; Therefore, hundred years ago 陈燨唐 Juan xiuhe of calligraphy works can be extremely profound impression to reporters.

& other; This is called the pavilion pavilion body, is the imperial examinations in qing dynasty and the general font writing official documents. Throughout the &; Shen Junhong said, calligraphy work force had a great influence on candidates’ performance, to some extent, is even more important than the intellect.

2, this paper come from?

coincidence, qing wu position on folk, after come back

about 陈燨唐, Yangtze evening news reporter in the Sun Chen hong a article titled “iii, first recorded” see this in the description, & other; Grandfather 燨 tang, words and less, 10) number. Young family, good at painting landscape. Far al-hijr, near imitation deer bed. Who should weng fu phase dowa please draw also tablet diagram, it serves to show celebrities in esteem the Yin & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

a few years ago, it was in the Shanghai home hon, Chen Gu Jiang they filmed the whole picture with a camera 陈燨唐 position, back to jiangyin printing frame display in the pavilion.

phone calls to Chen hong, over the years JiuXun gas, for the old man’s hearing is good. He told the yangzi evening news reporter, his grandfather’s position is in the last century 20 s, a father’s family and friends accidentally bought from Beijing liulichang, as a gift to the home. & other; May be after the qing dynasty, with the discrete imperial secretary on the folk. In brief is a coincidence, of providence. Throughout the &;

age family treasures, as to the position (although has experienced the war, the cultural revolution, has complete preservation. & other; But a move but accidentally lost a few years ago. Throughout the &; Obviously, the age has been for hire, speaking of time still more than today. & other; Also thanks to the jiangyin archives that year left a full image, now only through a copy of the whole family to honor ancestors and literary talent. Throughout the &;

to Chen hong old man born in 1923, is a professor at Shanghai jiaotong university, translator, poets, and chanting, though has still been ceaseless, 91 – year – old lecture everywhere, and when the idle studying Chinese history and traditional literature. Such a wise old man, with a grandfather was filled with admiration. & other; Grandfather’s calligraphy and painting is not much, but only that more than 2000 word’s position paper, have been able to let the younger generation is difficult to look back, a lifetime. Throughout the &;

it seems to age, grandfather’s position paper not just good at calligraphy capability, & other; He will be in a short period of time the governing ideas overnight, throughout is angry, amidst a prose salutary, sedate himself, adopt refined, which is general articles. Throughout the &;

3 guangxu examination of what problem?

test question is very long, contains dozens of problems, not written on paper

so, in 1886 the first position, guangxu any questions?

have already said, I above 陈燨唐 not listed and questions on the position of volume, the posterity only according to its answer & other; Last Ming chongzen study, fix RongZheng, records of BanJi and deposit method & throughout; The speculation.

but clearly, that’s a few words with the topic to their original state. Yangzi evening news reporter via various search, finally found the related records in ntu library. In fact, in the twelfth year of guangxu position paper length is very long, even as 陈燨唐 answer itself & ndash; & ndash;

Mukden carrier, the emperor yue: & other; On Christmas days. Destiny, Yin salt industry base, two this ten years. Queen rely on education of the attendance & hellip; & hellip; We when xuan in the hair, its worship listen to al. Throughout the &;

so opening next, strategy respectively by & other; Emperor cheng is learning, due first & throughout; , & other; Fight, you deny adjust measures to local conditions, westwards throughout its particularly & also; Such as the theme, the extended problem of as many as dozens of content specific to the opinion of a book, a certain warship invented by whom, how can one battle to win the pros and cons of, a few money method and so on.

a final summary, & other , records of ancient people government of wood, also speak fighters for yu also, founding base is also a risk, Fan Jinzhe finance will also. Much to give to Chen, don’t and don’t allegations, I will close soon. Throughout the &;

considering the emperor guangxu the youngster is a less than 15 years old, such a policy question wanted by liegeman ghost.

look at 陈燨唐 countermeasures answer, first formally agree with policy questions, into the opening, answer, and also summarizes the three parts. In & other; Emperor cheng is learning, due first & throughout; As an example, 陈燨唐 think & other; But asks the slips of doing without meaning of the message, although mining papers in scattered que, talk about Zhou Kong between sit theory, not jing not only, have also failed. Throughout the &;

then, display for the emperor’s policy problem mentioned in some learn ancient book of the Kings’ masterpieces, such as drawing dignitaries, our “peaceful”, “the emperor to learn” and so on, point out the various substance is recoverable, but of different gear and can be divided into such a time.

& other; Visible the books said the emperor, 陈燨唐 not only have read, and have their own thinking to judge. Throughout the &; Shen Junhong said.

4 candidates since fate?

was sent abroad travel, quit two years later, back home and office

occurred 127 years ago the mediator and the exam in the house of the Forbidden City, there is no doubt that rewrote 陈燨唐 included, the fate of a total of more than 200 jinshi.

in fact, even if later generations of the imperial examination system of feudal China limitations have more criticism, also cannot deny that it is in the era of the excellent talents can be selected for the national contribution. Can foster learn & ndash; & ndash; 陈燨唐 along this path, with full of talents and ambition, heaven and earth into new life.

for most jinshi, someone has stage, someone was frustrated scramble to the people, but no relationship with the exam. But after a year in the first position, 陈燨唐 again went into the examination room.

on June 12, 1887, in Beijing’s prime minister, national affairs government belongs with hall hall, held a special test. & other; China’s modern history the first selection examination began to travel officials abroad. Different from the traditional imperial examination subjects, this does not take an examination of the classics, also do not take an examination of stereotype, but only as a strategy is so far producing precious about history, diplomatic, westernization. Throughout the &;

in the race for the dozens of similar age, office, 陈燨唐 to stand out and become one of the 12 travel officials abroad. The next two years, his figure appeared in Britain, France, Algeria equidistance qing dynasty land thousands miles away.

this send officials to go abroad to investigate activity scale, travel officials travel distance away and into the country, are all unprecedented. 陈燨唐 they are everywhere, a lot of investigation and study, on friendly diplomatic and cultural exchanges, and back home left a large number of extremely significance to summarize and recall information, including 陈燨唐 book “swimming”.

unfortunately, this time to travel abroad feat had become 陈燨唐 left the end of the qing court official stamp. To Chen hong old man tells a reporter, grandfather back soon because of the mother begging for false supporting, away from the temple.

according to textual research, journalists and 陈燨唐 equivalent position of the jinshi, there is little the apprentice in historical records, this may and then court weak, full of scholars is difficult to do all in its study, aspirants rare his will.