Guangzhou cultural revolution “hanging corpse” mystery refractory for 40 years no disclosure of the parties

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He Yufeng amateur dramatist

in August 1967, is the guangzhou area between mass organizations, which is mainly composed of debate by wen, to give priority to in order to move a sword after the warfare of the second month, on the streets of atmosphere is very tense.

on August 10, early in the morning, the day the loudspeakers in the street from the night will have a large number of inmates escape into the guangzhou news. Broadcasters to persuade people to go home as early as possible to avoid, not out of the street at night, against accidental damage. At that time, many people are there is no class, all the old hiding went home early. At 5 o ‘clock in the afternoon, I also ride a bike from a new base road back to the east to the west of ShanGui hillock on the top of the house, about 45 minutes drive. Just on the way, there have been no a pedestrian street, stores have close the door, went home from the bus driver also ahead of time. I was the only one in the empty road, a feeling of unease raided on mind. At this time is summer more than 5 PM, red sun tightly close to the roof, put it red sunlight shining on the tree, on the road, a piece of red light shines. Suddenly a pickup truck, with middle school red flag car fight under the banner of the corps, and the car stood wearing a red armband, gun in hand and sticks red guards. At the sight of this, I was startled. Just a few minutes later, he saw a truck and rapidly. I hasten to ground push the bike to hide behind a pillar of the overhang. At this moment, a red terror attack on my mind. Under normal circumstances, this is the time from work, people should car more than many people in the street, a thriving business. But here, as the sun or the red glow shines through the earth, but there was no pedestrians no vehicles, but the street store is closed, the city quiet audible silver needle fall to the ground. Sped in between the truck red flags fluttering, the car is wearing a red armband red guards (later I learned that the red guards are the red flag of the rebel of the new & other Red superintendent & throughout; Members). I liked this, let me feel the red terror at a time.

at home, it also slowly dark. This night, people are hiding in the home, are lifeless night, feel the fear. The next day, a zhaoxia man, in the morning on the tree, the road is also red light shines. When people like escape a disaster that took to the streets to look. When people found hanging bodies better place. There is hanging in the center of the intersection traffic command on the control box, has hung on high voltage wire iron stand. This day I ride a bike from east ShanGui huashi along the donghua east road, the road of civilization, taikang road, west dike back to new road, along the way saw the three hanging corpse quietly bathed in the red glow. This made me feel new one red terror, horror of also with terror, fortunately, on my way home yesterday didn’t be trucks & other Red superintendent & throughout; When inmates and shot me.

to return to the unit, colleagues say cultural park on the west side of ZhenAn road (now kang Wang Nalu) also has a body. I went to see the three a kneeling position of male bodies were tied to the pole on the backhand and roadblocks on the stone of the road. I saw the bodies are close the mummy status, and no blood on the ground, apparently killed the victim is a long-distance and drain the blood after dumped here. Afterwards listen to a reporter said, someone could understand from the body, the two days of such bodies with more than 150 gathered in the street.

in the next period of time, the city is shrouded in a fear of crowds automatic organization crime watch, indeed a narrow lanes everywhere with bamboo building door barrier, and sent a guard to prevent the invasion of inmates. At that time I live in single dormitory, on the surface of the sand on the surface of the sand dongqiao and west bridge with thick fir set up roadblocks, also by & other; Red superintendent & throughout; Send red guards sentry, people want to cross the bridge, first read a quotations from chairman MAO, and then quote us your work unit and home, so just let you cross the bridge. Sometimes people walking over the bridge, you have to queue, like now, people lined up to pass the entry and exit. At the time, I noticed many people read is & other; To serve the people throughout the &; And & other To fight the private batch repair & throughout; The two quotations, because the two quotations short enough, a casual to deal with.

this terrorist act has in the past nearly half a century, and the number of suspicious place still let outsiders to understand. But one thing is for sure: the dead not escape inmates. If the inmates, prison break must be dispersed after hiding, impossible to collective fled to guangzhou. In late March 2008, I join the travel to yunnan team, group members are many people who work in the prison administration, I mentioned to them that this scene, one of the more than 70 – year – old elder sister said, when she is involved in a labor management work.

she revealed, & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; During some of the people cried out to the prison after serving the sentence let them to stay and continue to serve, because they are afraid of out of jail after being hurt by the revolutionary masses. So impossible to have a large number of prisoners escape at that time. So the murders are what people? Is a native or foreigner, or native outsiders have? This problem at the time that it’s so noisy cases, who also can not accurately understood, especially doesn’t even have a name body once into a pile of ashes, your avatar again also cannot determine its registered permanent residence. Chinese literature press in 2007 published a book of ten years life dream & ndash; experienced the cultural revolution “, the writer is a form of a small head, guangzhou red flag in his book, he borrowed a call He He public security officials insist 180 dead without a hukou is guangzhou, the term is difficult to convince, also let a person feel the cover-up.

hanging corpse after a period of time, the streets are all parties. The red flag of the narrowest margin pie said it was & other; Wide tan & throughout; (guangzhou, ostensive) make of conspiracy, put the inmates out and let it into guangzhou, disrupt security of guangzhou, to start-up & other; Red superintendent & throughout; Make trouble. Support for dongfeng pie said, this is a red flag the tragedy in the planning of kill two birds with one stone, they use early in the morning news from inmates to the town of loudspeakers, let people hide in the home, and when the night the street no one killed by its mass hanging corpse street from different points of view, this can be referred military command, army released inmates, 2 it is to show their start-up & other; Red superintendent & throughout; Have the ability to maintain security in guangzhou. Citizens also have said that inmates to town just misinformation, some homeless people and late nights were revolutionary masses as the inmates to manslaughter & hellip; & hellip; Various explanations have their own truth, but unfounded. Exactly how the truth, more than 40 years, I never saw a party to disclose to the world in the form of text. I think, there must be some party alive now, only mentioned the inconvenience. Perhaps someone in life lay dying, driven by conscience, will be in the form of words to uncover the mystery.