Guizhou built leishan Spring Festival staged “ox king craft” bonus amount 300000 (FIG.)

stimulus bullfighting scenes. Li Xueshe

Beijing built leishan February 7 (reporter zhang wei correspondent Naomi) on February 7, a reporter from the Spring Festival in leishan county in guizhou & other; Throughout southeast cup &; Southeast bullfighting competition organizing committee learned that to fully show the colorful southeast pit culture, enhancing national unity, national spirit, develop the local economy. Scheduled for February 15 to 17, held in leishan county make spring & other; Throughout southeast cup &; Southeast bullfighting competition, prize money of 300000 yuan.

bullfighting is built leishan folk folk tradition, long history, is an important part of built leishan miao culture system. Especially after the autumn harvest, built leishan fellow miao miao years major national festivals, such as bullfighting is essential & other; Cultural feast & throughout; . With the development of national culture, pit also highlights its unique importance, scale more and more big, every year in Shanghai, yunnan, sichuan, guangxi and other provinces and cities of bullfighting to compete, known as & other; The east pit throughout the city &; Reputation, attract thousands of tourists, bullfighting is no longer a simple activity, it become a stimulus built leishan economic consumption, promote built leishan Lord as important part of national cultural tourism industry.

according to introducing, this competition has now attracted more than 200 from around the country our very own bullfight or toro (bull). From February 15 to 17, at 12 noon every day, before it gets dark, the end of the game, such as on the day of entry pit is too much, endless fight competition moved to go on with the game the next day. The bullfight competition is divided into three groups A, B, C, the grouping and the rules of the game have strict requirements. This contest three groups respectively set 1, 2, 3, zhong wanxie, bonuses are: group A, first name: 16000 dollars, second: 8000 yuan, 3:5000 yuan, A fourth: 3000 yuan; Group B, the first name: 36000 dollars, second: 16000 yuan, 3:10000 yuan, a fourth: 5000 yuan; Group C, the first name: 16000 dollars, second: 8000 yuan, 3:5000 yuan, a fourth: 3000 yuan.

at the same time, this also set rounds in bullfighting competition, for cattle in the position in the Lord, every Angle of round pick fights over RMB 200 rounds each round, the winner into the next round to continue the game. In direct touch, every touch bull party reward 100 yuan, for cattle reward 100 yuan, touch more than three times to give & other; Intrepid straight throughout touch &; Pennant.

in addition, the pit during the competition, every day to arrange the audience by the ticket lottery, lottery prize amount is 5000 yuan every day award, the prize has silver bracelets, silver earrings, silver, leigong mountain wild gastrodia elata, leigong mountain arguably offered tea, etc.