Guo degang claims to prince zhongwu of fenyang posterity: originally from shanxi’s genealogy

data figure: guo. Image: CFP vision China

guo degang because often wore luxury brands appeared in public, some netizens called nouveau riche, jiangsu satellite TV “very good” show last night, he was calm in the face of these questions, who himself is a & other; Performing arts throughout the staff &; . He also revealed for the first time he is prince zhongwu of fenyang general in later generations of the tang dynasty.

because be captured in luxury brand let guo degang was part of netizens questioned wealth. Guo degang feel very grievance, he said: & other; I have a black vest, vest with several chains, I had sent a weibo, with this photo, I counted more than 300 people to scold, said I had forgot to ordinary people, such a coarse necklace, but it is printed on the clothes. Throughout the &; Morphy also feel the same way, common shouted down: & other; I eat a malatang, to send the photos to weibo, have been flaunt wealth, I once consumption for 20 yuan, they say I can just have only seven or eight yuan, also said that I was naked flaunt wealth. Throughout the &; Guo degang immediately responded by saying: & other; Speak words of conscience, I am an ordinary artist, staff. See old Meng Fa yesterday that a weibo, seated himself at the roadside eating spaghetti plastic chair, also photographed posted online, as soon as I see I smiled, this can play to go with us. Throughout the &; For a long time, guo degang the bristle is very calm, & other; You get to a certain time, not your own, you a person to face the billions of people, also not to be able to clarify, there is no a person and an art form can be accepted by everyone, some people would like to comment on you. Throughout the &;

this programme came a claim to the posterity of the guest, morphy immediately also claimed to be a celebrity offspring, & other; In addition to mencius, meng jiangnu, our house in France a relative, montesquieu. Throughout the &; Also, guo degang said, & other; Our family travels in shanxi, is said to be the prince zhongwu of fenyang generation descendant of, there is a tree, but I didn’t and the people said. Throughout the &; Pan xin ling