Hainan: “comfort women” survivors have been raped in front husband and mother-in-law


Wang Yukai, 88, now lives lingao emperor huang tong tong town village, now is ill in bed. Persecuted by the Japanese for several years, lost fertility. A sons and daughters, the sons and daughters elementary school culture, already married, with two men and one woman. Source: Oriental morning post

in this paper, from the Oriental morning post 18 September 2011 issue of the author: uchiyama k originally titled: hainan & other; Throughout the comfort women &; Survivors status quo survey

& other; You took the gun hit Japan? Throughout the &;

silent ai-lan Lin ting ting body, a full face of wrinkles sooth the moment, she improve the tone, while changing the gun back with both hands, aiming and shooting action, I can see you, when she is using a pike.

86 – year – old ai-lan Lin has not been able to walk, she every day sitting on the plastic chair, looked at the front of her cat walked around five dogs, in the ruined house, a pair of couplets on the wall is bright: wishing you good luck, best fook hing of his possessions.

if ai-lan Lin can read, every time I see this pair of couplets will only add sadness, because for her, there is a such desire and her suffering. About 70 years ago, battlefield ai-lan Lin captured, in suffering torture at the same time, when she fell to the Japanese army of youth & other; Throughout the comfort women &; , under inhuman, slave life for a long time, body and mind is destroyed greatly, such & other; Bad luck & throughout; Affected her life, when the Japanese life of escape, because lost fertility, ai-lan Lin lifelong not marry alone, prosper is just an extravagant hope.

according to & other; Throughout the comfort women &; Expert, professor of Shanghai normal university zhi-liang su, ai-lan Lin is known, the whole Asia only a falling & other Throughout the comfort women &; Anti-japanese female warrior survivors. Su also said that hainan is found & other; Throughout the comfort women &; The area of most survivors, so far, the survivors of the national total of 28, including hainan is 15.

in 1939, the Japanese began to invade, hainan province, as an important base to attack southeast Asia, the Japanese in the large Numbers of troops deployed, and in the second year in succession to occupy most of the county and township, hainan and important village built in transport, military camps and military stronghold, to a total of 1941 points more than 360, the Japanese army to implement eroded, scouring around these strongholds. In these camps, dotted with stronghold, mostly with & other; Throughout the comfort women &; . Set up the Japanese military brothels throughout the island, has forced the local han and li, miao, such as women of all nationalities, and the mainland and Taiwan to catch the last compatriots as & other; Throughout the comfort women &; , the number at more than ten thousand people, at the same time, Japan, Korea and other countries women are requisitioned to hainan.

come to hainan & other; Throughout the comfort women &; Survivors, to analyze the world war ii the Japanese & other Throughout the comfort women &; System and its cruel persecution of Asian women have a vital role. In early September, morning paper reporter into a remote mountain village in hainan, search for surviving & other; Throughout the comfort women &; The victim, open the dusty history.

female warrior of frequent youth

to recall the glory days, shine in ai-lan Lin, she said near the battlefield in haikou, and the enemy shoot-outs.

southwest from haikou by bus is the lingao 80 km, 40 km farther south, across the lush XiangJiaoLin and one eye can’t see the edge of the banana, came to the town of south treasure, in the sparsely populated, quiet closed town, for a period of history of brutality.

ai-lan Lin was born in 1925 in lingao south Po town, her home is near the township government, under the towering coconut trees, the house looks exceptionally small, only a small pile of firewood in the kitchen, and a few buckets, only a broken wooden desk in the room, which put a small television set and some POTS and pans walls is a black speck, not repair the roof of the seepage water.

ai-lan Lin’s father is a barefoot doctor, she is in the home only daughter, a family practice on farming to make a living, the arrival of the Japanese changed everything. Her mother in a Japanese army swept by the Japanese killed, thrown into the river, always can’t find the bones, ai-lan Lin only 14 or 15 years old at the time, then father go, too. In December 1942, ai-lan Lin voluntarily took part in the revolution, become a local anti-japanese female warrior.

although has a sepulchre, wrinkled, but sitting in a chair ai-lan Lin still seem to be elegant, wanxian, tall of stature, fair skin, vaguely can see brave 60 years ago, when being praised young is very beautiful, she ha ha a smile, nodding. Recall the glory days, ai-lan Lin appears the butterflies, she said near the battlefield in haikou, and the enemy shoot-outs, she improve the tone, while changing the gun back with both hands, aiming and shooting action, then ai-lan Lin head down and get issued hoop, pull open neatly with white hair and scalp to reveal a scar, it is left in the wake of a battle, the Japanese soldiers a bullet through the ai-lan Lin forehead above, through the scalp, bloody at that time, because of the fierce fighting, other comrades care injured ai-lan Lin, she can only own herbalism bandage. Ai-lan Lin the detailed address that can’t remember the battle, but still remember fighting forces, in the process of memory, she mentioned many times that & other; Ma Baishan & throughout; .