Handan is one hundred rare “sandwich” dynasties laminated tomb complex in one thousand

September 13 (Reuters)

China handan (after) 13 administration bureau of handan city, hebei province, according to local workers in the city’s Renaissance zone al spinning near construction of road and street found the warring states period, han, wei jin dynasties laminated tomb complex, clean up the ancient tombs 97 seats, more than 210 pieces (sets) unearthed relics.

according to handan city director of administration of cultural heritage, according to Mr Wang originally turned up land for residential development, in April, the local administration bureau of real estate development company to go through the formalities for a construction, which was launched exploration, the tomb was found in succession, until recently completed 97 tombs to exploration and mining.

Mr Wang said that the cleaning of ancient tombs are openings in the topsoil, tomb, two-tone size, different shape, identified three times belong to the warring states period, han, wei and show & other Sandwich & throughout; Shape, is divided into three layer 3.

the discovery of the warring states tomb 29, landfill is deep, the deepest 6.6 meters, the tomb for rectangular pit shaft hole, bucket shape and straight wall two tomb walls. Among them, the couple and hole is 14 (7).

the archaeological finds most, writing of 64 seats, stone-working early or more grave. 4.4 meters 4.4 meters deep, shallow. 41, vertical hole soil is divided into vertical pit holes to eight table, vertical hole brick table 14, vertical hole stone Guo 1. Was buried with all are single coffin, and found the skeleton of 1, grave unearthed more than one end in the tomb, small wares were unearthed in the coffin. Among them, 24 tombs and acupuncture point.

4 tombs of the wei and jin dynasty the deepest 4 meters, shallow 2.8 meters. All is brick tomb chamber, by the pyramid-shaped mound, the entrance of the tomb, the tomb. In long and narrow, the entrance of the tomb are hole brick, the tomb of single room and double room. Have been stolen one, only the remaining part of the tomb to lay a foundation wall brick and tile.

Mr Wang said that in the unearthed more than 210 pieces (sets) of the grave goods, pottery, and mostly from the warring states tomb, unearthed in writing. Wei and jin dynasty tomb due to stolen is very serious, unearthed artifacts and rarely have been destroyed.

Mr Wang believes that the biggest bright spot is grave archaeological dynasties shall laminated, the excavation history is relatively rare in China, more than 60000 square meters of archaeological grave hundreds within the scope of distribution, density of a rare, have important value to study Chinese funeral custom change. The