Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale debut to neighbors Thanks to its lending his book

the tallow candle manuscripts

the Danish history buffs ace this & middot; Prague last October in Denmark in the national archives of the tallow candle accidentally discovered manuscripts, recently identified is considered first Hans Christian Andersen’s works.

the tallow candle tells the story of a poor butter candles to be lit, realize the value of life, but finally ignited by a powder keg and lose the story of life. , experts say, from a purely literary point of view, the style of the tallow candle compared with other Hans Christian Andersen’s work is not mature, but its have Hans Christian Andersen story from 1822 to 1826 in slough el was the shadow of life, he is likely to be created during the study.

the manuscripts cover page wrote: I dedicate to the work of the lod lady. This g lod lady was childhood neighbors, Andersen Andersen often go to her home and borrowing books. Perhaps this experience made him remember, so use to thank her work.

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