Hawking: aliens may to pillage earth far superior to human resources (FIG.)

famous British physicist, “Neil think humans is likely to close contact with an alien in less than 100 years

, Britain’s national archives published a photograph entitled & other; The helicopter near UFO”

the national archives has released a 6700 – page on the Internet the mod file, the file is the department of defense published for the first time in decades before collected all about UFO (UFO) and alien sightings detailed list. So far, the British ministry of defence has been received in dozens of different locations ufos and aliens witness reports, including & other; No face throughout the &; , & other Men in black & throughout; , Chelsea football ground deformation, etc all kinds of bizarre alien.

the British ministry of defence UFO files in a series of top UFO confidential, called & other; Throughout the report & credible witnesses; , this batch has been listed as the top secret defence files released recently by Britain’s national archives. One is Manchester united and Chelsea in the fierce fighting pictures, pictures showed that the UFO appeared in the sky.

the UK’s top UFO expert Nick & middot; Popper puts forward, during the Olympic Games in London, UFO sightings could rise, because of the Olympics organisms for extraterrestrial intelligence is a & other; Throughout the golden age &; , can be in the place of the human eye on & other; Throughout its debut &; .

, said pop & other; A large number of UFO sightings prompted the British government departments focus on ufos. Throughout the &; Pop in the mod for nearly 20 years, from 1991 to 1994 and is responsible for investigating UFO, he thinks he is beginning to investigate a UFO or a doubters, investigated many UFO incident, but he told the British national security and the importance of aviation safety problem has a profound understanding.

in a copy of the mod file mentioned, alien creatures have detected the earth wisdom decades ago radio signals. All this seems to be the content of the science fiction is the subject has been the ministry of defense, if aliens have studied human psychology, then they may choose an important dates, such as the Olympic Games in London.