He prowled the new perspective of tao yuanming: like lively called is home

tao yuanming, zhong rong push for & other; Recluse poets throughout the zong &; Praise, su dongpo tao poem & other; Like great artisan yun jin, see the chisel marks & throughout; And took him to a new height, make its have the glory of the divine. But the brand itself, is what will be the beginning of tao yuanming, intentionally or not, symbolization. Under heavy misreading, that it has become a full of hardships fresh flesh disappeared, only the culture of a thumbnail airing the mummies, lying in the museum, accept a chorus of praise. YuanMing is a good book, we can’t read him thin. The misreading of tao yuanming mainly there are two.

is & other; Implicit throughout the &; ? Is & other; Return & throughout; ?

the ancient road tao yuanming, seem to cannot leave & other; Reclusion & throughout; The word. I do not know how to read him, but the more I think & other; Reclusion & throughout; The word is not relevant. “Drinking”, for example, we don’t take the pleasure of straight to & other Picking & throughout; But go to. To peruse the less famous sentences, see if one is neglected details and information?

at the beginning of “drinking”, YuanMing they sport to garden and field in static good: & other; Knot the dormant in the entry, and no horses and chariots embarassment. Throughout the &; & other; People throughout the land &; , which is the home of many. YuanMing resigned, did not hide, he and his officials monks have open connections all relatives and old knowledge.

& other; And no horses and chariots loud & throughout; , a lot of people misunderstanding, thought he indifferent alienated with the outside world. It’s not. He likes lively, like to be full of the secular life of the milk of human kindness. & other; Lu my new ripe wine, chicken nearly bureau. Throughout the &; In our today’s words, YuanMing dinner a lot, not others asked him, is he asking other people. “Mr Five willow biography also has with his friends on the scene. What people go out, just have & other; Chariots and horses running & throughout; Riches and honour ostentation and extravagance, must be made him angrily resigned punching the guy the overseers of the mail. Without such a person in the fray, are quiet days at home.

when young, YuanMing had & other; Fierce ambition escape, Qian He siyuan Zhu & throughout; The heroic, to officialdom intellectuals also natural to imagine. So he & other; Cast Lei to shi & throughout; Five, thirteen years, learn a few. Visible, he used to want to achieve in officialdom offers an ideal, but all failed. Especially troubled times, the heat fray, he has the ambition of a empty, but he did not find the values of corresponding points. Forefathers said he and other Implicit throughout the &; , of course, is to correspond to his former & other Shi & throughout; . Can YuanMing Peng Zeling, with fellow & other; Invertors Yang three Yin & throughout; Adherents of liu he makes, where exactly is different. YuanMing to & other; People throughout the land &; , birds return to the old, he is a real home. He went to lushan mountain, liu real hidden up, there is & other; Wonderland & throughout; !

to go or stay? He must have hesitated, struggled, so he wrote poems to blame also urge oneself: & other; Rural will called hu no return? Throughout the &; He even can’t wait until the morning, & other; The folding type flaring die & throughout; . Get rid of the fetter of officialdom, he inspired, continuous cropping belong to the garden and field in five. & other YuanMing; Return & throughout; , it is home not only, but also in the spirit, is a man’s mind are one. His feet, it is the heavy soil lager.

& YuanMing seems to prefer other Return & throughout; Words. Not only “I’m going home! Resign, sound accountability yourself & other; Hu no return & throughout; ; And there was a “belongs to the garden and field in” five; He studied the book of songs, and poetry four to birds. The & other; Carefully to bird & throughout; , is he? As a result, he is not & other; Implicit throughout the &; , & other; Return & throughout; .

say again & other; Escape & throughout; . People seem to only remember the tao yuanming poetry in a sentence, but forget, belong to the garden and field in the day, on the whole, is not easy. Shortly after the return, is a big deal out of the home, the house was on fire, struggled to run a modest home, turned into ashes. A large group of children, & other; Baby throughout the cold &; , a small mouth shout hungry. ZhuZhang YuanMing tap them, and then walk. He is from the reality, a & other; Implicit throughout the &; It? It isn’t. Beg him to go to other places, for the children for stuttering. To want rice also need skill, to articulate, YuanMing which is it. & other; Hungry to drive me to, I do not know He Jing. Okay to sri, knock my words. Throughout the &; Must be begging is not smooth, otherwise don’t walk that far. Finally saw a house and knocked on the door, but how all speak no exit.

you amazed YuanMing frankness and true. He & other; True & throughout; To the point of transparent, don’t make allowance for themselves. Reduced at this point, many people are shy about humane outward. But he did not regret not avoid not grudge, hard and trying to do with a husband and father’s responsibility.

we have known since childhood “wingceltis bow” hungry people pity food story, thought is discouraged. YuanMing is don’t agree: & other; Chang Shan porridge heart, deep hate will not; Jie to streamline foot? ACTS not available since the heritage. Throughout the &; Someone is willing to charity, people are willing to receive it, it’s nothing wrong with, always much better than people starved to death. YuanMing considered & other; Mr Jing section & throughout; , but does not speak the truth, his life nor talk integrity, he is only from the perspective of human nature, speak in the heart of the most simple ideas. Therefore, zhu guangqian said his life & other; Etc & throughout; , & other; Mind high instead of rhetoric & throughout; , & other; Almost human & throughout; .

so, we not YuanMing & other; Reclusion & throughout; He is more & other; The company throughout the &; .

small defects? To affection to the sex?

in tao yuanming’s “leisure”, have the saliva battle so far.

with the peach garden “of the sublime status than YuanMing” leisure fu “is obviously has long been covered a good article. Moralists have read “leisure fu”, reads a flushed face, greedy reading, but catch flies, al Jefferson said bad is bad. Some people are seriously to: shallow! YuanMing this assignment is intended to, rather than to persuade.

“leisure” is really about an article?

& other; In garment for led, and in the type to take to send to jersey, may in the eyebrow for Diana, is willing to this.i for seats, would like to wire for the shoe, is willing in the day and for the shadow, let the night for candle & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; The poet fell in love with a girl, for she was turned on, how he wants to be her clothes on the collar, the shadow of the earth, or is the GaoZe on her head, feet on the silk, the candle of the head of a bed, on the mat, under the hands of the bamboo, window tung jean & hellip; & hellip; This love, comes too thick too delusion, are frightening.

the posterity exegesis, more about “leisure fu” & other; There is no meaning & throughout; Said, roughly translated, su shi to defend the YuanMing, & other; Such as “AIRS, lewd without Yin & throughout; . Qing Fang Dong tree denounced the fu & other; Thin and obscene, throughout the false students &; .

is also no, in fact are misreading.

tao yuanming as a “leisure”, is “the promise” and sorted by zhang jing qing fu, no one exception, sorted by zhang! There are many such style prose, “check to fu”, “idle evil fu”, “positive mood fu” and “meditation” & hellip; & hellip; But also no one say a word, why not think of tao yuanming inappropriate should not not?

throughout the more than such assignment, the essay first words, such as & other Set throughout the &; , & other Static & throughout; , & other Check & throughout; , & other Throughout the &; Etc., are used as a verb. Thus, affectionate childe all turned again became the gentleman person also. This is also the necessity of orthodox Confucian literary ideas. Actually YuanMing said she is learning, zhang CAI for “leisure fu”, its & other; Idle & throughout; Word, also will be used as a verb to understand, like in the zhouyi & other; Idle time to save its sincerity & throughout; The & other; Idle & throughout; , & other; Also prevention & throughout; . Visible, “leisure” & other; Idle & throughout; , is by no means & other; Serious cause & throughout; The meaning of, and take its & other; Prevent & throughout; The said. Young tao yuanming not lothario, his love fantasy or & other; Collect & throughout; The back. He seems to have had predicted for later generations of gossip. But he forgot, love poems never hard to take off & other; Advise indeed tarred & throughout; The blame.

but why must & other; Tarred & throughout; ? After into old age, & other; RenDanRuJu & throughout; Tao yuanming, early have had such a strong hot love to imagine, as more worthy of our treasure is. “Leisure” is clearly a cultural spirit of the mountain, is a cultural river source water. And under the temper of various vicissitudes of life, the precious emotion seeds, finally under germination, make YuanMing became a thick thing to sex to love a person.

and tao yuanming became tao yuanming, is that he not only love the family, and to the world widespread sympathy. YuanMing him out, gave the family sent a helper, but don’t forget to write told his family: & other; This is also the son of man, also can be met. Throughout the &; He hated in officialdom snob, rich or poor, are all the children of parents, was born when the equality. & other; Be born into a brother, why the same flesh and blood. Throughout the &; YuanMing is great! He has a heart to sex to love.

he has such widespread sympathy, “peach garden” has become inevitable. He wished the world really have so a place, no fighting famine, everywhere fangcao delicious, houses and peremptory, old and young, pick & hellip; & hellip; Zhu guangqian pity tao yuanming, said he scholar constitute, & other; Enter to devise, back is not enough to make a living & throughout; . This big mistake. YuanMing of life’s greatest achievement, is not an official how much relief, repair wall how many, he is the world built an unprecedented in spiritual & other; Utopia & throughout; , let the real sad people put them there hope for tomorrow. Who says he doesn’t have the whole big economic ability? , can be a person in the real world of effort, also can be sucking milli NuoGuan shape support of the spirit world. & other; Peach garden & throughout; Is not fantasy, it provides powerful after & the spirit of the other; Source & throughout; , deep culture & other; Source & throughout; . This is the salvation of a whole, it is real & other; Big & throughout; The whole economy.

YuanMing not weak, its & other Utopia & throughout; The eruption of spiritual power, matched hordes.