Henan archaeological hominid teeth fossils for the first time Reveal luanchuan mystery (photo)

– our correspondent Li Yunhai

as the important birthplace of Chinese civilization, ancient when to start in the central plains have? This has been the domestic paleoanthropologist at one of the hot topic of debate.

in September 2012, archaeologists in luanchuan county, henan shore slips hole found six ancient fossilized teeth. In those days in October, found here the ancients called & other; Luanchuan people & throughout; .

& other; Luanchuan people & throughout; Is the first time in henan province unearthed in the archaeological excavations of homo erectus fossil (ape), experts said the findings before pushing the survival of ancient human history in the central plains. & other; Luanchuan people & throughout; Archaeological scholars and the height of the social from all walks of life both at home and abroad attention. This year on March 14, officials announced that slips hole paleolithic site for 2012 China top ten archaeological discoveries administrator sig gissler.

into saying hole

on March 16 morning, the luanchuan county played under light rain.

after from luanchuan county highway, less than 10 minutes, came to luanchuan luanchuan county township village bay beach. County, director of the cultural relics management PangHai jiao, drill team captain li wen tong county cultural relics are waiting in the rain.

NaYi river along the village, about 3 minutes on foot, a line of people came to a cliff, PangHai jiao said: & other; The bamboo slips hole. Throughout the &;

looked up and saw a cliff has a built with steel pipe & other; Throughout the &; Glyph of ladder on foot. Because of rain, the ladder a bit slippery. Carefully, we went to see a narrow hole. PangHai jiao said: & other; This is saying the entrance hole site, ground 36 meters distance from the Banks of the river. Throughout the &;

li gave reporters a pair of plastic gloves, said: & other; Injustice, the hole is too small, have to climb into. Throughout the &;

the crawling through a height and width are only 60 cm long and narrow channels, to spacious inside the hole, people can also be a few stand up straight. But at the foot of potholes, want to find a secure the arrival of the very difficult.

there is a lit bulb, this is for the convenience of the excavation of the temporary installation team. Reporter saw that the hole is inclined, down into step, no area is larger, particularly flat place. Ceiling is also highly irregular, carelessly was prominent part touch his head.

about found after, li said, & other; Is accidental. Throughout the &; In 2006 the local people dig holes, to develop. Li said: & other; One of my relatives is one of digging holes, have a large collection of rhino bone fossils in the home, going to be selling drugs. I feel there are major archaeological value, reflect the situation to the superior department. Throughout the &; Then people dig holes was stopped.

from the hole to climb out again, everyone is covered in dirt. PangHai jiao said: & other; It’s much more convenient than the first time I come. I was with a rope tied around his waist, down from the top of the mountain, climbed into the hole. Throughout the &; That the above situation, she says, is to catch up with the 2008 national cultural relics census, for the third time the county cultural relics management has carried on the investigation to the hole, and as the protection of cultural relics census point for registration.

find & other; Luanchuan people & throughout;

no big movement, a look at the archaeological department last year, the local people began to dig again.

luanchuan county cultural relics management Li Zuoxian specially to write the report, that there may exist the ruins of ancient human activities, want to search. Approved by the state administration of cultural heritage, from may to September, 2012, luoyang institute of cultural relics and joint of luanchuan county cultural relics management saying hole site search and archaeological excavations.

Gu Xuejun is luoyang institute of cultural relics and prehistoric laboratory assistant librarian, archaeological excavations have been luanchuan county in recent years. Many people say he is & other; Throughout the luckiest &; Archaeologists. Before the archaeologists in luanchuan county bat cave, and longquan hole excavated twice, he has participated in, and found the ruins of ancient human activities.

unearthed bamboo slips hole site, he has become an important participant of course. He has such a lucky?

Gu Xuejun said: & other; I and reels off dean into the hole for the first time, haven’t installed the light inside. We are crawling out of electricity in, have been to the depths of more than ten meters away from the mouth of the cave. Throughout the &;

two people looked at the scene, decided to first mining are near the mouth of the cave of a calcified serious plot. Gu Xuejun said: & other; For the archaeological work, the location is very important, the wrong choice may miss important discoveries, and even delay the important discoveries. Throughout the &;

why do you want to choose a place are near the mouth of the cave? Nowadays, Gu Xuejun recalls, & other; Had been more audio-visual, something seemed to feel that place. Also have rational thinking, because in light and dark hole, ancient human life more easily gathered near the mouth of the cave, and were more likely to find the remains of the ancient. Throughout the &;

start after excavation, the staff with the bit calcification with fossil soil piece cutting down and up to the mountain. In the face of 3 square meters, a total of excavated 4 metres deep.