Heritage treasure the riddle of decryption HeGu Village: tang emperor sheng Dan medicine must use silver jug

element face flat silver pot

element face circle fine silver pot

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many emperors and nobles in the tang dynasty is keen on swallowing pills, may be associated with some of the artifacts. HeGu Village legacy in the treasure well surface flat silver pot, element face fine silver, element face three foot and waist silver pot, element face three fine silver pot. Form is common in the tang dynasty, in jade, ceramic and also can be seen in the murals carved stone, but yet the body usually is very large. Kai-yuan tang six years (718) wei Auckland tombstone Guo line moment diagram, there was a maid holding tank with three legs, practicality and look from the image ratio should be general life appliance, can HeGu Village posture is very small, this a few pieces of silver pot respectively is 3.5 ~ 4.65 cm tall. Common characteristic is covered, fit very closely, lash fit mouth, seems even into the air, so that after one thousand years after the wall still brushed silver like new. Special, there is no doubt that their use may be holding an alchemist related drugs, because the alchemist will think an alchemy ingredients in treasure, will pick up the gold and silver qi, to consolidate and improve the effectiveness.

an alchemist worship the concept of preserve one’s health improves people mysterious fantasy, with great enthusiasm and spirit power to make such delicate items. Canister production difficulty is very big, with three legs silver pot, welding cracks appear many green rust, should be with tin, lead and copper as the main synthesis welding flux welding, long after corrosion will appear green rust marks. Silver halide carve engraves on famen temple & other; Small medicine welding & throughout; Intermediate, explain tang dynasty welding technology, has the big welding, small welding, welding flux is the difference between different. This a few pieces of small and exquisite artifacts itself seems to be added in the feeling.