Higher revelation “founding ceremony” oil painting: MAO zedong delete liu shaoqi

in the 1950 s, if you ask a Chinese know oil painting? Usually the answer is: & quot; Oh, I know, is the founding ceremony! & quot; On September 27, 1953, “People’s Daily” published in the headlines for the hair oil painting “founding ceremony”, had been printed after the painting was a large number of published on sale for New Year pictures, and into the textbooks of primary and secondary schools.

however, paintings almost from birth, in 20 years time, the canvas of the characters just delete and add several times, the oil painting itself is to copy and modify again. These changes reflect the political upheavals of the decades of the republic of. “Founding ceremony” is not only stopped the day in October 1949, a record for a period of Chinese history is unable to avoid.

in July 2011, after the reconstruction and expansion of the national museum in the hall, the two “founding ceremony” painting, one of the pieces was & quot; The cultural revolution & quot; After the first appearance in public. Careful people will find that the two figures on picture is different, the hidden story behind the painting and a long aftertaste letting a person.

penetration data composition bold

at the beginning of 1951, to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the communist party of China was founded, the museum of Chinese revolution began preparations for the 30th anniversary of the founding of painting exhibition. After months of solicitation, artists for this exhibition took nearly hundred pieces of paintings, but the result is not satisfactory. At that time, director of the museum said: & quot; As a national museum collection of paintings about the history of the party, not a display of the founding of the People’s Republic of China film is clearly not appropriate. & quot;

in 1952, GeBo decided to entrust the central academy of fine arts organization completed a batch of new China oil painting, the large painting the creation of the “founding ceremony” to the young artists, well-known professor, 37, xi-wen dong.

xi-wen dong, shaoxing, zhejiang province, from the professional art colleges, mural in dunhuang copy for three years. Peiping liberation at the beginning of 1949, xi-wen dong created gouache Peiping RuChengShi, he has also witnessed the founding ceremony. New China Wen Daihui on for the first time, he also to be appointed, portrait. Draw portraits of the leaders on the founding ceremony, xi-wen dong is the perfect candidate.

at the time, xi-wen dong with the students in Beijing shijingshan power plant into the thick of life, sketches and labor. He recalled Beijing, immediately into the creation, however, he found all the photos and video images, the leaders did not appear together with the masses. In his imagination, “founding ceremony” should be a picture of the founding of the People’s Republic of China the leadership with square masses, so he decided to make a bold attempt.

xi-wen dong on the size of a postcard paper drew a sketch, picture on the left is many state leaders, the right is the square that is full of flowers, so left real right virtual layout according to the general law of composition of view is unbalanced, but increased the leaders with square masses a nearly a far, a little more contrast.

& quot; This sketch is trying to put the crowd scene and the rostrum of tiananmen square leaders together, I don’t think it is not enough to this historical event of the founding of new China grand spirit & hellip; & hellip; & quot; Xi-wen dong to well-known painter YiZhongXin said in the letter. Xu beihong, YiZhongXin, jiangfeng, wu zuoren, Luo Gongliu masters of the composition of this picture is very appreciated.

xi-wen dong also should boldly in the sketch on the right side before MAO zedong’s a take a bright red pillars, show a large square meal, add a lot of momentum to the whole picture. After building great master liang sicheng see, praised: & quot; The picture to the right a pillar not painted & hellip; & hellip; This is a big mistake on the architecture, but on the painting was a big success. & quot;

paintings will MAO zedong raised one inch

in order to concentrate on the creation, xi-wen dong in total northwest of Beijing hutong rented a & other; Throughout the workshop &; . For this & other; Throughout the workshop &; Famous female painter, xi-wen dong students, PangTao is described: & other; It was a narrow rectangular building, downstairs is paved grocery sold soy sauce. Room is long and narrow, it’s hard to imagine in the face of 2 meters wide and 4 meters long canvas, back only 2 meters deep, back against the wall, the vision can screen panoramic view, we are all very surprised, he is in a bad environment to complete this great painting. Throughout the &;

in order to save time, xi-wen dong often stay in the studio chair. Because the room is too small, format on the roof, under the floor, the paint for a moment he climbed to the roof, while lying on the ground. Daughter dong said: & other; “Founding ceremony” after writing, the father often is day and night to draw. Then, he smoke a lot, not half a day of work, the ashtray is full. When he painted entranced, call him to eat, all can’t hear you. Throughout the &;

xi-wen dong combined western oil painting and the skill of dunhuang frescoes, created the first Chinese style oil painting. “Founding ceremony” chose from the Angle of the tiananmen gate toward the south to see tiananmen square and vast blue sky show in front of an audience. PangTao mentioned, in the treatment of the carpet, xi-wen dong added a small amount of sand in the oil painting color, the simple sense of objects appear to be just right.

when the founding ceremony completed seven, eighty percent, xi-wen dong friends, well-known painter to visit his studio YiZhongXin et al. Discussion, they found that the original height of MAO zedong, due to the location of the stand center, on the picture is not high enough. By all accounts, the image of MAO zedong should not be limited by narrow foothold of perspective, it is necessary to heightening a few minutes. Although less than one inch higher, engineering, in order to make the picture a trace, xi-wen dong with thinner carefully wash painting part, to draw again.

from began to local modified, xi-wen dong took less than three months, 4 meters long, 2.3 meters wide of the giant oil painting “founding ceremony” was written. Picture, chairman MAO stood in the center of the tiananmen gate, is a solemn in front of the microphone read the announcement of the central people’s government of the People’s Republic of China. Standing behind the representatives from all walks of life, the picture in the first row leaders are all vice President, from left to right in turn is: zhu DE, liu shaoqi, soong ching ling, Li Jishen, Zhang Lan, Jeremy goldkorn.

“founding ceremony” bold use of blue, red, yellow tone, seasoned with blue, brown, green, the sky is clean, painted such a large area is a pasted. Founding ceremony the same day is a cloudy day, may have rained in the morning, but xi-wen dong adopted & other; Beautiful & throughout; , & other Gorgeous & throughout; Processing effect to convey & other; Solemn and lively scene & throughout; .

in April 1953, zhongnanhai HuaiRenTang arranged a special exhibition, MAO zedong and other leaders for the first time to visit xi-wen dong this picture “founding ceremony”, also saw the great young painter. Several national leaders are all very excited when they see the picture. MAO zedong also takes advantage of the gap between met, twice to return to the lounge, carefully watch the show, and praised: & other; Is a big country, is China. Throughout the &; He proudly said: & other; We draw international, others is better than us, because we have the unique national style. Throughout the &;

erase Jeremy goldkorn, no damage composition

the “founding ceremony” was on display at the museum of Chinese revolution, but just three years later, it happened & other; High & rao events throughout; . As vice President, member of the politburo goldkorn was withdrawn at the beginning of 1954, August committed suicide, in March 1955 was expelled from. GeBo immediately asked xi-wen dong to adjust “founding ceremony”, will be on the picture on the side of the first row of Jeremy goldkorn. In order not to make the picture is damaged, xi-wen dong on other paintings did the experiment many times before, he deleted goldkorn portrait.

this change is not much damage for the whole picture. Xi-wen dong later once said: & other; In the picture composition, Jeremy goldkorn has the feeling of in the edge of the constraint, get rid of his composition is good. Throughout the &; This version of the “founding ceremony”, in 1959, the 10th anniversary of the founding of the people not only be displayed in the new museum of Chinese revolution, and were carved in a commemorative stamps, widely circulated.

in 1957, & other; Anti-rightist & throughout; The movement began. At that time, MAO zedong advocated by Chinese painting revolution themes, xi-wen dong does not agree, because he is the author of “founding ceremony”, from be & other; The right & throughout; Bad luck, but was sent to & other; Probation within two years & throughout; Harsh punishment. He later as a revolutionary history museum painted, the red army long march across the lawn, but are considered tone gray and no show.

delete, liu shaoqi completion dong

“founding ceremony” in many characters, and can not fully show one by one, picture dong only less than half of the face. HuaiRenTang painting as early as 1953, the leaders had joked that dong, as long as a painter, you can put you out. Who also did not expect, however, after 19 years, dong’s image is not erase, not only depicted complete instead, say, it & other; Thank you & throughout; Liu shaoqi.

& other; The cultural revolution & throughout; After the start, liu shaoqi is party’s largest & other; Establishment of the capitalist road & throughout; And down. A reassignment ultra-leftwing xi-wen dong also hit, and.

in 1972, when the central cultural revolution group in memory of MAO zedong’s “speech in the yanan literature and art symposium” published the 30th anniversary of the preparation for the commemorative exhibition of fine arts. The revolutionary museum xi-wen dong from ultra-leftwing back to Beijing, inform him to get rid of liu shaoqi in the founding ceremony. Someone said to xi-wen dong, if you want to hang the picture in the revolution history museum, have to change the liu shaoqi, otherwise, they’ll never hang on.

xi-wen dong has been suffering from terminal cancer at this time, although the situation is good after the surgery, but the physical breakdown. The modification project is very complicated, because is not simply to get rid of a people, and want to catch up on a person, who also affects the next. Recalled the story said: daughter dong a sand & other; When father sickness staffs, but his heart is more severe pain. In order to ease his pain, brother to change it for him, he strongly disagree & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

xi-wen dong accompanied by her son came to the museum, let the son when & other; Cane & throughout; Walked with his painting. First, he will be a same size and liu shaoqi image cloth cover on the canvas, and then paint thinners, so that we can control thinners extravasation, try not to dissolve damage around the screen, then from the canvas to liu shaoqi, after to do foundation, in the position of liu shaoqi painted only half face of dong.

there is no the “founding ceremony”, liu shaoqi xi-wen dong heart from now on for more than a layer of caring. He said: & other; A man of art for their own work will be responsible for, to be responsible for the one thousand & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; He wants to personally will resume liu shaoqi in our lifetime. At that time, xi-wen dong cancer has very late, to get to this day, he had carved & other; Cancer & throughout; , & other Perseverance & throughout; Words such as seals, encourage myself to overcome the disease. He said to the students, and other Wish another 20 years & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; But xi-wen dong eventually failed to wait until this day.

& have spent

change Lin boqu, copy the fourth draft

xi-wen dong liu shaoqi, wash clean with small a brush, one of the goals is expected to “founding ceremony” also can hang in the revolution history museum. But the painting or warehouse was taken down into the museum.

delete picture soon liu shaoqi, in charge of the central cultural revolution group, will be down on axis in hebei rural labor of some famous professor back Beijing, central academy of fine task is to have an impact on a batch of the fifties and sixties of revolutionary history painting & other; Refresh the spare & throughout; .

according to the students, xi-wen dong, chairman of the China artists association, famous painter JinShangYi memories, & other; Refresh & throughout; The purpose of the “founding ceremony”, is going to stand around Lin boqu, no way clear reason departments. Later people speculate that the behind of the matter is, jiang qing, because in the yanan period, Lin boqu against MAO zedong married Chiang ching, chapter and make the deal.

and then xi-wen dong has been quite ill, had to live into hospital, to has the heart is unable to do the task of painting. The JinShangYi was & other; Please & throughout; Come out, on the original xi-wen dong Lin boqu break. JinShangYi once into a dilemma, in order to respect history and his teacher, he put forward a compromise formula flexibly, namely by him and the painter quark in accordance with the original copy a picture of the “founding ceremony”. They copy and ask her sick xi-wen dong, this is the fourth draft of painting.

on January 8, 1973, 58, xi-wen dong with regrets, the copy of “the founding ceremony” could meet with the audience, & other; The gang of four & throughout; The downfall of the just.

more than 20 years after the founding ceremony finally restored

in 1978, the museum of Chinese revolution, party history exhibition “founding ceremony” must be on display, and liu shaoqi now rehabilitation. In line with the principle of seeking truth from facts and historical truth, GeBo superior consent, decided to take the “founding ceremony” restores former appearance. Xi-wen dong original after several changes, however, is difficult to restore to their original state, family members and different to the original change again. The museum had to entrust the famous painter JinShangYi. JinShangYi busy official business, then recommend the Beijing youth painter Yan Zhenduo, Ye Wulin, the copies of them in the “founding ceremony” on liu shaoqi and Jeremy goldkorn.