Hillary was photographed at the United Nations conference speech graffiti (map)

Hillary Clinton in a speech on the graffiti & other; Work & throughout;

Beijing, September 27 (Reuters), according to foreign media reports this week, world leaders gathered in the United Nations, to discuss a range of issues, including Syria and global security important international issues. However, for a variety of meeting has been granted leaders have in a long meeting & other; Boring & throughout; From time to time. A few days ago, U.S. secretary of state Hillary Clinton & middot; When the UN security council meeting, Clinton was photographed in graffiti in his speech.

according to the report, 26, local time, Hillary rodham Clinton at the UN security council delivered a speech on the Middle East question at the meeting. But before that, the penetrating media Hillary Clinton in her was found the graffiti on the speech. Pictures show, she had painted with a blue pen on speech stars, circles, and curves of the three patterns. Not only that, after the AIDS crisis after the speech, Clinton also on the speech made a & other; A face & throughout; .

however, Mrs Clinton is not the first in the speech & other; Display artistic talent & throughout; International dignitaries. At a conference in 1981, President Ronald & middot; Reagan went on a piece of paper draw a human torso, eyes and some of the characters head design. And after the paper was sitting next to him, then picked up by a British prime minister Margaret thatcher. This piece of graffiti was announced earlier this year.

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Hillary Clinton appears to be record the meeting content