Hitler read every night to float a disturbed by throwing tantrums

love reading, his paranoid personality as well as to the superstition of racism, is also gradually to finalize the design in the process.

in Hitler’s “mein kampf” expressed his view on reading. And he said, reading is like collecting stones, them as & other; Mosaic & throughout; To fill in the system of thought. He also studied the catalog and index, and then collect selected chapters of storage. Sometimes, he would have to look from the conclusion, to determine whether there is a need to read through the book. He suggested that readers temper themselves & other; Immediate & throughout; Ability to distinguish information: which is really helpful, which only need general understanding.

Hitler to use these skills to remember a staggering amount of information, the concrete content is a far cry from: from the manufacture of the tank, to the creation of the opera. One night, Joseph & middot; Hear & other; Heads of state & throughout; How to compare Schiller and George Bernard shaw’s works, and then to worship tone wrote in his diary: & other; He is a genius! Throughout the &;

who also dare not to disturb his night

Hitler to read every night. During the habit probably can be traced back to make a living in Vienna. Auguste & middot; Library than zeki as Hitler’s closest friends, was then noticed that his passion for reading: & other; Books, always want more books! In my impression, Hitler never left the book. The book is all of his. Throughout the &; Another early Hitler members of rudolph & middot; House also recalled, his roommate always holding the thick books read 2. According to the two men, Hitler’s attitude to the book is not a hobby in my spare time, but as & other; Very serious business & throughout; .

I talked with Hitler’s colleagues, comrades in arms. His housekeeper in berg hoff Herbert & middot; Turin, recalls one night, Eva & middot; Braun came into his study, Hitler’s temper, said a call, just like the dozen speech. & other; Eva red face was arrived at the corridor. Throughout the &; Turin oneself also afraid, every day when Hitler the lights of the study. The maid Anne & middot; Stoker remember Hitler’s book door reads: & other; Please keep the absolute silence! Throughout the &;

in the summer of 2001, I with lauder & middot; Joan had a conversation. He was Hitler’s last secretary. Joan told me, every day at the breakfast, Hitler will repeat the previous night read content, but is all some boring details. Another secretary christakis & middot; Schroeder observed & other; Heads of state & throughout; Another habit: Hitler will discuss & other; A topic that said many times, in order to form a deep impression in your mind & throughout; . Schroeder said that Hitler’s mind can be divided into several types, in this way, he can easily and fully recall the chapters in the book.

schroeder and Joan both secretary noted that Hitler is preference “meyer encyclopedia”. In berg hoff photos, we can see the books, another is “big brock house encyclopedia”, was published in 1928 and 1934. The series of each on the booklet with bookplate, they can tell the size of the posterity of Hitler’s cognitive world.

from his own to national creed

nationalism in Germany & other; Classic & throughout; One of “the German literary theory,” we see Hitler’s choice of the content is very serious, that seem to imagine the scene: when he his eye shot every information in the book, and then underline key, ponder the implications, and in the blanks. Sometimes some exclamation mark in the book, sometimes is a question mark, more is intermittent horizontal lines, they indicate the content of the system is to be able to fill in the Hitler’s thought of the spoils.

on the jewish question, his this kind of thinking process. “The German literary theory” said, the jews & other; Can never be assimilation & throughout; , & other; Should be moved to the Palestinian territories throughout the &; . Hitler sketch out this paragraph, next to the heavily struck the two vertical lines. The pencil marks extends until the book assertion & other; Germans don’t have the ability to overcome the jews throughout the &; So far.

on page 292, & other; Jews and germans irreconcilable & throughout; Be done double stressed again. On page 370, a more ominous ominous is identified; & other; We these honest German, for every nasty jews are extremely contempt. Throughout the &; Here, the pencil is full of the entire page.

“German literary theory” in early 1935, as Hitler’s permanent collection. Then, he has reached the head of state, declared the political situation of the world become nervous, deutsche in & other; Burning throughout the &; , ordered to stop the democratization process. Influenced by dictatorship, Hitler after comments to the book, also different from before 1933, there have been some.

on page 164, Hitler with three vertical lines around each stressed about & other; Throughout the germans should bear the responsibility of the &; In the paragraph, and in the blank space notation: & other; In Germany, deutsche is all has the feelings and thoughts, eager to be German individuals as a whole. If we don’t realize, not assume individual responsibility for national survival, happiness and the future, we are a traitor. We should pay every second of life, if do, we are all heroes, all is the liberator. Throughout the &;

these words is not only a Hitler in the process of reading comments, but will turn into the doctrine of Nazi Germany.

– “in Hitler’s private library, jincheng press in January 2013, the title and the feed editor is proposed.