Hollywood breakthrough scale: to kiss more than 3 seconds (FIG.)

Hollywood breakthrough scale: to kiss more than three seconds (figure)

“gangster” still

this is original in 2013 national cultural history, is adapted from “the cover story Hollywood: scale is used to break through, the original shoulder entitled & other; From the Hays code to grading system & throughout;

how to kiss more than three seconds

in the face of the codex, directors also sea situation.

Billy & middot; Wilder black film classic “double indemnity” adapted from James & middot; M· Kane’s novel, tells the story of a pair to cheat the adulterer whore murder brought huge benefits. Original, published in 1935, when several companies scramble to buy Hollywood film, offer the highest is $twenty-five thousand. But Brian warned producers, this film? Don’t even think about it. Eight years later, James & middot; M· Kane’s essays published, Paramount again remind of the novel, feel very suitable for Billy & middot; Wilder, consulting brien again, the answer remains the same. But the Paramount decided to take a risk, paid $fifteen thousand for a film. Billy & middot; Wilder wrote the script to brien, which puts forward a heroine for clothes don’t too revealing a few details on the modification, such as book went through. James & middot; M· Kane for Brian has, because of the man made $ten thousand less. As for Billy & middot; Wilder, moving the hands and feet to the script through brien eyes, there is a quite good telling: men and women embrace together, once the lens turn, a man lying on the sofa with his leg, women fill with makeup. What happened in the middle? Understood.

than Billy & middot; Wilder’s wit, Hitchcock is somewhat roguing. At the time of filming “honey trap”, because the code kiss not more than three seconds, he let the actors and actresses kisses three seconds pause again, finally we see Gary & middot; Grant with ingrid & middot; Bergman and continuously continuously & other; Chew & throughout; The two and a half.

the most arrogant is double film industry and aviation industry tycoon, sleep times Hollywood actress playboy Howard & middot; Hughes, the aforementioned “scarface” is his investors. In 1941 he network “gunmen”, in order to highlight the actress Jane & middot; Russell proud chest, he even made a pair of breast implants. PCA can’t let this provocative, of course, at the request of them, hughes reluctantly cut off forty feet long lens, which is about half a minute of the plot, in this snippet, Russell audience dew scale (compared to today’s can’t, of course). But it is, or the end of the 20th century and hughes issuance of contracts. Millions of investment may be gone.

hughes won’t sit watching investment into empty, of course, he sent people around to contact people in the government, women’s organizations, and even housewives, this movie involves the so-called & other; Obscene plot & throughout; Things shake out. The public really stirred howls of protest, trying to prevent the release of the film, it became the hughes promote make a stunt for the film. Speculation seems to boost the release of the film, challenge the controversy of the practice of censorship authorities scale accumulate more and more attention, of the “outlaws” in 1943 won the opportunity in theaters for a week. On April 23, 1946, the premiere of “gangster” finally big range, then detonated the box-office film, the audience can’t wait to see, hughes and PCA to quarrel exactly for the sake of what?