“Horse” serial or really exists The southern song dynasty general to pike with hatchet cracking

when I was a child, I have one of the most proud of comic books, “the water margin” is the subject of “big break serial horse”. & other; Big break serial horse & throughout; From the “water margin” 55 to 57. Reading know later, this magic methods is not a novelist imagination, but by the gold & other; Guaizi throughout the horse &; Evolved; And the song dynasty history YueKe the essence Jin Tuo weaving are described.

it is said that & other; Guaizi throughout the horse &; No. & other again; Iron pagoda & throughout; , the scale is three thousand people, also is the horse together, just not as exaggerated thirty young & ndash; & ndash; But ride a set of three, with a leather cord attached to it. As for the men are wearing heavy armor, is the same as fiction. In age, the cavalry once out, like a mobile iron wall, and like a into group of tanks, infantry no wonder sung people exclaimed: & other; Iron pagoda & throughout; (& other; Tower army throughout the &;) Is coming!

however guaizi horse in the battle of shun cheong met buster! Of southern song dynasty general liu chow is a famous gold generals, he sent soldiers by combining long and short axes, as well as into battle, with long first pick to the enemy’s & other; Pocket seeks & throughout; (helmet), who follow up with his axe slashing each other’s arms, horse leg, even close & other; To handle the Zuo pull & throughout; . Cut down a horse, the other two horses also then lose effectiveness, gold one elbow mattoon lost power and prestige!

for hundreds of years, people read history, reading novels, relish, who also never put forward question. Only to find that great vanity, in qing dynasty, show-offs, boasts & other; Everything’s martial arts & throughout; The emperor, all of a sudden question. Northerners operations to make good use of cavalry, “he said,” is to take its & other; Longitudinal control is convenient & throughout; , how can in a piece of the three horse horse? Horse power varies in the inlet and the back, how to control? Three knights, the brave, the qie, listen to who? Fierce will be compromised by timid, this truth is so simple, why is everyone believe?

think, qianlong said is exactly right. Contemporary historian, wrote “the legend of yue fei” Mr Deng Guangming attached an article “on & other guaizi throughout the horse &; the problem of the best.i”, for & other; Guaizi gods words & throughout; Made a very detailed textual research. Conclusion: gold man in the army does & other; Guaizi throughout the horse &; Cavalry, but it is just for the two wings of appellation. There are also & other; Iron pagoda & throughout; Say, that is for gold & other Chinese Throughout all heavy armor &; The main force of cavalry wei said.

as for & other; Three guys, adopting the wei suo & throughout; (wei suo leather cord) gold people cavalry tactics, according to the test by a description of the civil war. Who is ruo-hai wang shun cheong tong, report to the court, he says, the kidnaper horse made detailed description, iron pagoda, which mentioned & other; Three guys, with a leather cord & throughout; The tactics. Later, this piece of content, is yue fei’s grandson YueKe copy into the hubei Wang Hangshi chronicle “. & other; Chronological & throughout; Also a few more details, such as & other Guaizi horses are associated, a horse Fen (fè N), two horses are not line, sit and stay dead & throughout; At such a time, according to Mr Deng Guangming inference, this is the word of YueKe add imagination. YueKe when I write this article, yue fei sixty years has died. When cold, few alive, thus & other; Guaizi throughout the horse &; MiuShui also then there is no one to correct.

Mr Deng’s textual research articles for thousands of words, accurate citation, reasoning meticulously, can be seen as to fill the qianlong in question. So as the qing dynasty emperor qianlong, suddenly to such a history of 600 years ago the big interest, effort, having to dispute, and why? & ndash; & ndash; It turns out that it is not with the manchu emperor & other; None of left & throughout; ! Manchu identity is a descendant of the jurchen, regime was built, also called & other; Daikin & throughout; (history & other; Kim & throughout;) . Qianlong probably read the history ancestors battlefield setbacks, the in the mind uncomfortable, just thinking, then & other Partners who & throughout; ?

so this history to set out, after an emperor, a scholar of textual research, whether can set trial Thursday? I’m afraid not. For example, the first mentioned & other; Three guys, with a leather cord & throughout; Tactical ruo-hai wang, did not see, after all, after the fact to war, access to a lot of even combatants. If a tactic for fabrication, that is the purpose of the rumor? Not afraid to be when the world reveal, shall be investigated by the emperor?

in addition, as qianlong say truly, three-horse contact the tactics of irrationality, but not in ancient similar methods. The spring and autumn period and the warring states period of the war, he pulled by four horses, qianlong of the disadvantages exist, not used for one thousand years, too?

in addition, the poets in zhang ears shall hear liu chow said details of the battle of shun cheong, saying is to cut off the enemy warriors riding feet with his axe, & other; At all, a ride, ride from bottom, sticky & throughout; (& other Throughout all &; Refers to men wearing armor), all the consequences, not just three-horse connected to? Otherwise how could & other; A ride down, and throughout last ride &; ? & ndash; & ndash; Visible YueKe said & other; A horse Fen, two horses are not line, sit and stay dead & throughout; Is not imagined, there will be the source of information.

many times, historical mystery is complex, not simple reasoning to crack. Yes, gold and other; Guaizi throughout the horse &; The name of the original intention, probably, as Mr Deng said, is refers to the flanking cavalry, has nothing to do with the three-horse conjoint methods. However this will not be enough to deny the gold people do use & other; Serial horse & throughout; The tactics. & ndash; & ndash; As for the “water margin” thirty young conjoint methods that can be jailed for & other; The novelist says & throughout; , just to see also, do not take it seriously, also don’t have to partners who.