How ancient official “gold digging”? Tang dynasty prime minister to accumulate wealth by married women marry daughter-in-law

“a dream of red mansions” in the fourth wrote back, jinling should tianfu doors to new arrival magistrate Jia Yu village said: & quot; Now do the rulers of the city, there is a private list, which is the province’s most powerful extremely rich gentry’s name, the provinces. If I don’t know, at that time the violated the somebody else, not only GuanJue, but also is even lives! & quot; This is the ancient officials why & quot; Gold digging & quot; A good illustration.

for officials to associate with the wealthy must pay attention to, not a knot, the rich cannot be pandering to them, otherwise easy to used for them. Rich people want to use money in the hand, the right in your hand, and you don’t add beware, resist not, it will inevitably fall.

1 bao zheng, qin GUI different attitude towards the rich

like to curry favor with the rich officials. Some have & other; Vision & throughout; The rich, also like to curry favor with great prospects of intellectuals in his eyes. In this regard, bao zheng for ancient officials set up a perfect typical.

northern song dynasty bao also in reading, just met to & other; “The show just edge & throughout; The rich man. According to the Ming dynasty school book four friends say lent plexus, zhu deals with the way of communication, said to the ancestors have a miscellanea, it records the bao’s deeds. Bao with li mou a temple in the reading, every time, will pass through a rich door. Two men never went to see the rich. One day, the rich waiting at the door, such as passing, inviting them to go into, be declined. A few days later, the rich and invited two people, entertain especially, because of the rich seem to be very attentive, li mou to move the heart, want to go to the door. Bao seriously said to li mou, he is rich, we may be in the future state, Sir. Promiscuous rich today, I can not for the rich someday use? Two people finally into the gates of the rich. Bao is the LuZhou hefei people, after more than ten years, he was when his hometown LuZhou of the year. Intentionally netting bao’s the rich man in his early years, in bao zheng became the year after, if you want to with bao pandering, will hit a wall.

BaoZhengCeng Ren Kaifeng magistrate, officer to tang dynasty. Sung & middot; BaoZhengChuan said: & other; Give generously to kaifeng, the zheng yan, people to this. Throughout the &; Cloud again, & other; Foe the resolute, the folding of the hands of officials and eunuchs for, find all fears, a person with BaoZhengXiao than huang hq & hellip; & hellip; Less than the language of choice for yue: joint, yama old bag. Throughout the &; Dprk-china with bao such justice officials, officials and eunuchs, the princes and Dukes convergence one by one. The people in the hope of impartial bao zheng.

as zheng declined to relatives and fellow villagers, old friend, such as the door, and their interaction and communication. He set a rule: future generations have corrupt sin, politicians may not return to their hometown, dead may not be buried into the package home cemetery.

the southern song dynasty prime minister Qin Guize is another typical. Song dynasty carefully, author said, vulgarism before qin GUI on official career, once went to a rich family, require funding. Rich man gave him five thousand money, he asked a little more, the rich and answer them not. The rich family teachers Cao Yong in side, took out the rich to & other Beam repair & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; Two piece of silk. Qin GUI got money, and silk, it didn’t leave.

qin GUI and bao zheng, two kinds of character, two kinds of state. Person of qin GUI that can be used by the rich; While the rich to take advantage of bao zheng for urself, no way.

2 sui dynasty founding hero liu Fang make more wealthy merchant

in the sui wendi Yang jian to gain their GuoBing, in the process of from the emperor and generation, liu Fang has & other Throughout the work of ce &; Before and after, in general, seal Huang Guogong, reward father. Liu Fang thinks its work, it is quite arrogant.

this person particularly greedy, “sui book & middot; liu Fang biography write him: & other; Lusty sex, deficient in profit, wealthy merchant who one day was packed. Throughout the &; He designed to make rich businessmen. Is in his house guest, in addition to officials, businessmen, and from morning till night, the house is wealthy, visible & other; Pomp & throughout; .

in ancient China, including the sui dynasty, the merchant’s low social status. Businessmen even wealthy, liu Fang and they also do not belong to the same caste, position against disparity, why liu Fang not only not to despise them, but particularly interested in contact with them? There is reason to suspect that liu Fang have interests. He loves is not wealthy, but the merchant’s money. Businessman came up to his door, is likely to & other; Rent-seeking & throughout; , which USES the power of money in exchange for his shelter.

liu Fang actually have no money. His official positions, the title is very high, many high, Yang jian and reward his huge amount of property; But for him, money is always the more the better.

in order to profit, he was the lack of food in the capital, residents generally go hungry, in spite of the prohibition of Yang jian, & other; Make my Clinton house, when lu to sell wine & throughout; To love my rented appearance room, opened the hotel, can become rich. Impeachment liu Fang, someone said his position is very high, & other; Give the already flooded throughout the &; , more high, should be satisfied. But he and other Rules of curved 糪 embellish, at the end of the race of ZhuiDao & throughout; , as a businessman to chase profits, the pursuit of the lowly of (relative to the father reward and high salary, the profits of wine or a small), if they do not search and why Chinese officialdom? Yang jian is likely to be mindful Fang liu of the credit of the past, ordered a subordinate, let him a horse.

before he began to reign, Yang jian will gradually alienated Fang liu. Liu Fang thought established the founding ShouGong, alienated, after both nervous in the heart, again. And growing anger and Liang Shiyan, YuWenXin get together, just moan at the beginning, then devise rebellion. Ally McBeal, liu Fang and Liang Shiyan, YuWenXin were executed, the home was raided. Three all property have been moved to the palace temple, Yang jian dressed in white clothing, ministers picked up his bow and arrow, shot take any property, who shot, who had moved home. Yang jian want to use this special practice, let ministers from liu Fang people such as corruption, rebellion, ruin yourself. Yang jian original this & other; Honest education & throughout; Way, the effect how, is unclear.

3 tang dynasty prime minister Xu Jingzong Earn big money to marry marry a daughter-in-law

in the tang dynasty Xu Jingzong from ripple states don’t drive until prime minister, is rising. Treacherous court official but he is considered to be a big, song qi wrote in the new tang book “character transfer, will he included in the biography of treacherous court official”.

Xu Jingzong person, the most typical and the most wonderful period of lines, after tang Gao Zongli wu zetian is a critical moment. He said: the plowman overcharged ten welcome wheat, like son. Relationship with rich, want to set up a queen, liegeman said can’t, what’s the reason? His words, make the emperor make up its mind to waste king, queen, made wu zetian. Xu Jingzong & other; In state after power & throughout; More satisfied, the emperor, wu zetian, reciprocated, Xu Jingzong was soon promoted to prime minister.

Xu Jingzong miserly dreariness, in order to collect, at his daughter as a commodity. “The new tang book” said: & other; Lovers JingZong stack, hence to female marry pretty Monsieur beaucaire feng ang the son, they employ more private. Throughout the &; & other; Connoisseurs stack & throughout; And greed. Liu Su datang Jr. said: JingZong & other; Princes and endowment of hundreds of thousands, and marry a pretty general feng ang the son and the prison doors money. (3) (a) & throughout; . & other; 9 (3) the royal nationalities, JingZong greedy, marriage, qu 9 (3) its FaYue. Throughout the &; Xu Jingzong will be a daughter to marry the son of the wealthy feng ang, another his daughter to marry this is the royal slave, prison doors general rise of the new money after nine son, motivation is greedy for money. He married his two daughters, get that hire hundreds of thousands.

not only so, Xu Jingzong took a wife for my son will be well. & other; JingZong for son to marry WeiChi Pauline granddaughter, more liability heritage & throughout; . Losing money on somebody else’s son got married, his family made a lot of money.

in the tang dynasty, exquisite rigidity of marriage, and very value family. Senior officials in Beijing Xu Jingzong married women in lingnan emirates and son of former royal servant, the son of a person may not understand at that time. So, the relevant departments to impeach him, said he will daughter marry for money at the emirates. He was reduced to zhengzhou secretariat.

Xu Jingzong was expensive and rich, no shortage of money to spend. In addition to the salary and reward of the court, there are many & other; Black income & throughout; . He has successively served as the editor in chief of the variety of revised with books before and after the reward without memory. He is not satisfied, use of bookmaking of taking bribes. Can bookmaking bribery? Of course can. In his book, he gives a person a biography, announcing the home and a bribe, he was for somebody else to play & other; A distortion of the facts & throughout; Fault, distorted the facts, as credit, ugly into the beautiful. Emirates PangXiaoTai rate soldiers attend to Korea’s war, cowardice, he ate a battle, laughed at by the enemy. Xu Jingzong accepted PangXiaoTai gift money, mei the conscience for the kind words, said he has broken a thief, the tang dynasty generals to be called the most, only two su lie with PangXiaoTai. His in-laws money. (3), was originally a Tang Gaozu slaves, Xu Jingzong fabricated for his glorious family, prominent merit, also will be he and famous minister astra.

Xu Jingzong extravagant life, daily expenses very friends. & other; Camp first shed tyrant, to build the building, but on it to make all the prostitutes, give play to amuse themselves & throughout; . The special luxurious, his government over the official housing specifications stipulated by the court. His house building with the building, he let the geisha in & other; Even the floor & throughout; On horse RACES. For such a luxury life, Xu Jingzong nature to making money. Marriage became his children take reason, edited into him this opportunity. This article from: the original people’s BBS magazine 370 slightly censored

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