How to build the palace stone handling: artisans with warm water lubrication ice

/green man

two universities in Beijing and Princeton university published in the journal proceedings of the national academy of sciences of the paper, said in the 15th century craftsmen in ancient China with the method of a kind of high efficiency will be weighing up to 100 metric tons of giant stone to about 70 kilometers away, is used to build the world famous. Their use is ice road. Compared with other methods, ice road transportation is the most efficient mode of transportation.

according to the British “daily mail” reported that experts think stone transportation in winter. At the time of the artificial transportation route, craftsmen every 500 meters to dig a well for water pouring, ice water can also play the role of lubrication. ACTS as a wheel, in addition, the use of logs is believed to be dozens of craftsmen together, stone can be shipped to site.

experts said 600 years ago in Beijing winter temperature is enough to make icy roads, but also not extremely cold, allow the presence of a lubricating effect on ice layer. In the process of transportation, craftsmen will continue into the ice water to warm water, keep the slippery ice, the transportation easier. According to the calculation of experts, if not on the ice water the warm water, transport is about 9.4 meters long and weigh up to 123 metric tons of stone need 338 craftsmen. In the use of warm water lubrication conditions, ice is only need 46 craftsmen. The weight of the stone and size from 1557 a transcript.