How to learn classical Chinese study? “Serial” is a good primer

“strange stories would be” illustrations

“liao Tian Qilang” illustrations

there are more than a high school degree of study of Chinese ancient classic might as well choose a interesting story article raise interest

there are some letters from readers advice me on how to learn classical Chinese study, in the face of the trust of the people, I was scared, it not I say modest but I & other; Sincerity & throughout; To feel pretty good, even in the door, in traditional sinology research be liable to guide people.

however, the political & other; Vote for me to peach, with qiong precious jade & throughout; , in the face of the reader’s trust, I must have a return. Chinese learning is a palace, but make bricks of the hall is the writings in classical style, so, here I am I over the years learning the experience of the writings in classical style as a communication with you.

reader friend asked me to recommend a book entry books, I am here but alternative, recommend not the classics exponents, but a book of ancient Chinese best leisure: “strange stories”.

please don’t surprise, please listen to my slightly GuLou Chen.

/li-ping liu wen

start: is the key to learn classical Chinese study middle school language well

just now Chinese hot, all kinds of traditional sinology class one crop stubble to come out, and no signs of low tide. The biggest characteristic is that these education institutions use & other; Smoked acquisition & throughout; Traditional teaching method, aiming at the characteristics of children’s mechanical memory is strong, is not right to interpret the classic, but through repeated reading and reciting, classic children’s heart deeply.

& other; Smoked acquisition & throughout; Is a good way to

this method also has its scientific nature. For example, the tang dynasty & other; Wild kuang days low tree, approachable Jiang Qing month & throughout; , & other; Throughout the desert solitary smoke straight, long river down the yen &; , with simple lines to depict the emptiness or the boundless heaven and earth beauty, natural beauty, is can’t explain to children, let them to memorize, wait until the appropriate time, wait for their fate has come with the tang dynasty, the ancients described the beauty of the met and his life, he naturally understand.

if there is no bottom of these poems, as even if he met with a similar view, he was in appreciation of aesthetics will be discounted.

some traditional sinology education organization has a characteristic, operating outside the current education system. Some Chinese school teacher (of course not all) believe that the school’s teaching interferes with the learning of Chinese, you create a fairly closed environment, in this environment, let the children to concentrate on the benefit of the influence of the ancient classics. Microblog has revealed some time ago, there are seven for parents to choose & other; Seclusion & throughout; Life, in & other; Xanadu & throughout; In Chinese classical education their children.

the above approach is reasonable or not, and the existing education system conflict or not, I am not in a position to do judgment, as far as I’m concerned, then can have the honor to become a master graduate student of tang and song literature, jinan university, also really thank of exam-oriented education of primary and secondary schools, other do not say, in terms of classical Chinese learning, high school language learning, for reading my writings in classical style laid a more solid foundation.

middle school writings in classical style the text in the textbook is stand the test of time classic masterpiece, but learning the masterpiece, really boring, when teaching language teacher in the classroom repeated over and over again, the lecture is tapping on the blackboard with chalk: & other; Remember, remember, here is the attributive inversion, it is placed behind the adverb noun use of verbs, this is question pronoun do object, and the university entrance exam for you just because it is a less points, has not been admitted, I shall not be responsible for the teacher, know not? Throughout the &; .

a little into debris, still remember the teacher’s chalk is flying in the classroom, in my vision, let me feel that the writings in classical style of study is finely and tasteless like chalk dust.

the masterpiece, at that time was to read the so-called & other; Writing is hard like iron, read to full blood & throughout; . However, for fear of loss of marks in the college entrance examination, even we read full of blood, also want to put these knowledge embedded in their own cultural inventory.

is critical to master basic words

later admitted to the university, I read Chinese. Mentors and friends at the time Mr He Yide advised me to read some classical Chinese study, I should try a try, afraid to open the writings of the ancient sages, a mysterious phenomenon appeared: actually not much reading disorder, ten words inside to be able to read six of seven sentences. High school those of classical Chinese notes, what those pesky & other; Attributive inversion & throughout; , & other Behind the adverb noun use for verb & throughout; , & other; Interrogative pronoun do object & throughout; , that moment is no longer a boring rules, but in the hands of a knife, day, tu roam freely in hordes, thought that will be read & other; Full blood & throughout; Profound classic, but read & other; Full of sweet & throughout; .

wei zai, high school writings in classical style teaching, Chinese teacher at that time, how can I not be grateful? Back then and finely chalk, it is the wisdom shine the sky the stars.

therefore, closed the door to read classics is a kind of method, and the high school writings in classical style is also a useful study. Said along while seem to digress, underneath the chat to the topic of “liao zhai zhi yi”.

Chinese textbook: please choose interesting individualizing

when I was in university, intends to systematically study the classical Chinese ancient culture, but I was not such a concept: first the Confucian, Taoist, read tomes of history. If don’t read “embedded” and “the analects”, just sorry primer. Not like that, I had been selected primer “strange stories”.

the writings in classical style is routine

from the point of the acceptance, & other; Serial & throughout; And we are without obstacles. The only obstacle is the language, but for a high school writings in classical style strength of I, is not a big problem. As we all know the boosted the middle school, the text is a scholar of the Ming dynasty, the family gong crickets because due to the tragicomedy, magic show, I of the text is known, with the boosted when pass, to read, “liao zhai zhi yi” should follow. It turns out that such a book, more than four hundred stories, even turn around is high school spoke so dozens of sentence patterns, so some words. Writings in classical style is routine, familiar with the routines, most reading problem is solved.

of course, there is also a key, & other; Serial & throughout; Is full of the story, this is a very important cause, run into a sentence, with the existing knowledge reserve can’t figure out, but you really want to understand the story, so will take the initiative to rack one’s brains to solve the technical problems. At the same time, we used to & other; Serial & throughout; Stories have to understand, even very well, with a known story to parse the unknown language barriers, so suddenly and has been associated with the solution.

and, & other; Serial & throughout; And we ordinary people in the pursuit of taste is very close to, and orientation on the likes and dislikes, pu song-ling is also our likes and dislikes, coveted by pu songling, also we covet, on through, our teacher and pu almost zero distance, apart from that point the limitations of the ancient people, this can reduce the many obstacles in learning.

compared with relatively profound traditional Chinese classic, & other; Serial & throughout; Also has a distinct in scope, of course, the classics of thought and their exponents in scope is also very strong, but the pictures also needs certain feld practice, & other; Serial & throughout; There is no this distance. Such as “ying ning:” & other; See the door white marble build by laying bricks or stones road, passageway safflower, patches of abortion order; Twists and turns and the west, and kai, beans flower with the family. Against the guest into the house, powder wall light like a mirror, the window haitang flowers, into indoor. Throughout the &; The beauty of the household, without much explanation can appreciate.

because of the beautiful words, and then press close to, you will be eager to imitate, unconsciously improve writing ability, therefore, read & other; Serial & throughout; Has immediate effect to improve writing ability.

learning path:

read the story read thoughts of

it took me a year of time to read, “liao zhai zhi yi” of the basic syntax, embodied in the text of the Confucianism Taoism legalism and valiant military thoughts have deep understanding, then read shiji. Among the people is the edition of shiji “liao zhai zhi yi”, while the shiji is historian’s version of “strange stories”, pu songling aspire to do ghost fox version of sima qian, isn’t it? Not claim & other; Throughout different shi’s &; ? Moreover, shiji in a story.

in addition, & other; Serial & throughout; Is book have temper, shiji is also a book have temper, read classics, is not only learn very respectful, also want to learn some temper and flesh.

to understand & other; Serial & throughout; & other; TongJian & throughout;

to understand the ancient prose wondrous


with the “liao zhai zhi yi” read shiji is much more smoothly, then read the History As A Mirror went smoothly, then at the spring and autumn zuo zhuan, and then is the analects of Confucius, “Lao zi”, “chuang tzu” “ancient prose wondrous” & hellip; & hellip; & hellip; Although we are familiar with the ancient prose wondrous and primer, but say a word, we must understand the text inside the scholar-bureaucrat thinking now, also really have shiji and History As A Mirror to sketch, and “strange stories” is the base of the foundation. Because “ancient prose wondrous” is the author of many living in shiji “history as a mirror” recorded time, in the “strange stories” have their own shadow, their moods and pursuit, is due to the historical records of the time, their through, only “strange stories”, “historical records” and “history as a mirror” can show. Take these background, we would have had a very diaphragm and the ancient prose wondrous.

say a word, I am in twenties began to read the full length of the analects of Confucius, up to now, only to “the ancient prose wondrous” big sigh with emotion, I am in shiji “liao zhai zhi yi” and “History As A Mirror” on the basis of reading the analects of Confucius, the somebody else is on the basis of “embedded” the analects of Confucius read shiji “History As A Mirror”,, “liao zhai zhi yi” before reading what I read is the other way round.

of course, also is not to say that not be twenty years old and just read the analects of Confucius, not get to read the ancient prose wondrous thirty, but said the taste of the latter, to use the former matting, might as well put a piece of reading, as the annotation to each other, this is the beauty of reading.

my personal interest in traditional culture, is a high school as a starting point, from the boosted to & other; Serial & throughout; To shiji to History As A Mirror and the classics, zhuang zi sun ink, originally is the basis of basis of middle school Chinese teacher. Therefore, in here, I show my respect to high school language teacher.