How tree “love” by sima xiangru home unmarried men and women esteem (FIG.)

& other; Husband and wife tree & throughout;

in the hometown of sima xiangru peng Ann, there are several & other; Love & throughout; Legends and anecdotes, under trees, may is still people 美谈 in dinner.

town wharf & other; Husband and wife tree & throughout;

on peng chikako, anxian county town of binjiang road, a forceful honeylocust tree and a green one, ficus virens closely intertwined, said & other; Husband and wife tree & throughout; . Tourists, they stop.

according to the scenic spot management, the two strains & other; Husband and wife tree & throughout; For hundreds of years old. According to legend, in chikako town pier, once lived with a pair of conjugal love husband and wife, husband, fishing, the wife at home. Take part in day, the couple will take to the streets to sell to fish, can not sell the fish, is presented to neighbors and poverty.

one day, her husband went fishing, suddenly the wind, by the surging waves the small fishing boat. The wife does not see the husband return, at home waiting for sailing adventure out river’s predicament, the results also died.

however, after a period of time, people are surprised to find that on the Banks of the couple often say goodbye town pier, unexpectedly long out of the two arms hold the little trees.

certainly grow & other; Twinned trunks & throughout;

at the entrance of chikako town street, the red army, the residents of scouring fort Campbell, two green green evergreen out from the wall crack, although the two strains of evergreen three or four meters apart from each other, but it lead to branches and leaves, wrapped tightly together, form & other Twinned trunks & throughout; .

the more amazing is that the growth of the two strains of evergreen place almost no dirt, completely is growing in the stone wall seam. According to the resident, the two strains & other; Twinned trunks & throughout; There were hundreds of years old.

& other; A total of tree & throughout; The two kinds of reading

& other; A total of tree & throughout; Also known as & other; The tree & throughout; , grow in peng anxian county tea mug with temple, the back door. A yellow poplar tree a ficus virens bound together, about 35 meters high, tree roots need 5 talent can be folded.

& other; The roots, has been completely dry decays is yellow poplar, the other part is the ficus virens. Throughout the &; Staff of the tea mug with the town.

it is said that a yellow poplar tree growth here, then the branches have a bird nest, the discharge of feces with ficus virens seeds, the rain water, directly in the branches take root germination. Ficus virens need a yellow poplar root to absorb nutrients, and there was now & other; A total of tree & throughout; .

according to legend, the tree’s history can be traced back to the tang dynasty. According to the new tang book & middot; five lines of “records, so tang kaiyuan 21 years (AD 733), and other Peng state withered Yang Shengli, solid & throughout; . Withered Yang here means tea mug with temple yellow poplar, lee is a parasite in ficus virens on it. Because of the tang dynasty emperor surnamed li, sui emperor Yang, & other; Withered Yang Shengli & throughout; Instead of sui tang is inevitable.

due to the two trees grow together, gradually became a local unmarried men and women worship & other; Love & throughout; The tree.

(Song Ying fierce article/photo)