Huang2 yi4 xie pen for five years “on vacation” bicycling to play with the dog at home

creation Formerly known as zu-qiang huang, was born in 1952, graduated from the Chinese university of Hong Kong art, specializing in traditional Chinese painting, after served as assistant director of the Hong Kong museum of art. Quit his job in 1989, lantau committed to a career in seclusion. Works include “broken vanity”, “biography of datang ssangyong” seeking “qin” BianHuang legend “tossing rain turning clouds” and so on.

called & other; The new martial arts master & throughout; Huang2 yi4 stop writing back after five years, bring a new book “the moon and sky” fantasy, a formal network copyright authorization to qidian, and launched a five-day free try reading, print will today listed on the Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Thailand.

since the 1990 s, when the general downturn in Hong Kong and mainland, wuxia novels creation is swept away & other Jin yong after no martial arts & throughout; Situation, and the other BiJiang soil, started to fantasy (” interstellar prodigal “), through (the) find the qin ji and YiXia (the biography of datang ssangyong) three major schools of & ndash; & ndash; And this is precisely is the network literature (especially represented by Chinese starting point) of the mainstream. Debut for 20 years, he rarely exposure in the media. Ten years is rare in China. On November 1, press conference, he crouched down to readers signature, hearty laughter, q&a, misconduct any master shelf.

in talking to reporters, his words concise do not break humor, said xie & other pen of the five years; Like on vacation & throughout; While & other Don’t stop writing & throughout; . Perhaps for him, hand in hand to the starting point of Chinese to join the network writing, is also a samsara of his writing.

about the new book

“the moon and sky” is the beginning of the end, the beginning of the end

the Beijing news: your new book to the publishing of the moon and sky recently?

huang2 yi4: on November 8th, the entity edition of the moon and sky will be on the market in China and Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand. Mainland version now is still in discussions, in early November to start the starting point in Chinese online can be free to try reading chapter five, five days. About online serial 1 set per month, how many sets is uncertain now, may be better than “datang ssangyong’s biography” and “seeking” qin long.

the Beijing news: stop this five years, what have you been doing? What is the reason return?

huang2 yi4: I’m crazy about the diving, in Malaysia, Dan & ndash; & ndash; One of the top ten diving resorts in the world. Most of the time I live in lantau island home and play with five dogs, bicycling. No official answer is, I want to write wrote. In 2001, at the end of the biography of datang ssangyong Wan Wan left a little daughter Ming empty, a lot of people don’t think the original ending. So the “moon and sky” is about 60 years later, the story of the little girl become a generation of empress wu zetian. She is from the Mormon, but in the end to make the magic door court, let her young hero from the Mormon gratitude and grudges story & hellip; & hellip; This is a the beginning of the end, the end of a beginning.

about writing

have nerves of steel, and never drag draft

the Beijing news: before you doesn’t seem concerned about online literature platform? I’m curious why you joined the network writing. Over the past 20 years, called fantasy you father, now in the network literature through, fantasy and YiXia type writing, many are imitating you.

huang2 yi4: now you tell me, I will know that (laughs). Online readers is a big group, also has attention in the past, now time to mature, my book has authorized the copyright in the mainland in 2009. In Taiwan and Hong Kong Chinese circles in the past, I didn’t do any online series, all is the others in help me to do online (laughs).

the Beijing news: Internet writing need to interact with the readers, your writing will be adjusted?

huang2 yi4: nothing can change my own writing, but I know that the network of reader comments will be under my novels, also provide interesting ideas for the development of the plot. I am writing for a few years, this is a good thing for writing.

the Beijing news: in the past “seeking qin to record” the biography of datang ssangyong is long serial, writing become accustomed to your life?

huang2 yi4: writing as I am in the morning, and writing is life itself. Under pressure from no manuscripts also become a habit, my wife is my editor, push me every day. I have nerves of steel in writing, and never drag, say a month a set will write a set, said three sets will write three sets.

the Beijing news: your work involved in a variety of elements, it certainly takes a lot of reading.

huang2 yi4: I what books are watching. Grandpa watching martial arts novels, how many I will see how much he rent. After the university science fiction, buddhist, astrology, and etc. Later, many people find me face reading, see feng shui and astrology. Now look at science, nature, history and more.

the Beijing news: your superiors, peers and junior, who has a great impact to you?

huang2 yi4: has recently been looking at my master rint sybesma “wingceltis XiaYing car”, “burning incense among article” and “sea eagle Yang jian”. Jin yong and rint sybesma influenced me. Short I also see yi kuang science fiction. And I the same generation write wuxia writers seldom. On subsequent writing don’t understand, but Hong Kong has a will appear a few outstanding newcomer, called & other; The female version of jin yong & throughout; Zheng Feng, and more fire jozev now I know that.

about life

knowledge is to live a simple life

the Beijing news: so, you little peer, you will feel very lonely?

huang2 yi4: I’m not lonely, have five dogs. My home have three layers, each day I upstairs writing, because the dog is very old, cannot go upstairs, I went downstairs to help it massage. Creation of the moon and sky, ride a bike around lantau exercise, or go fishing by boat. My master and India yoga college, have been at a vegetarian for a year and a half. Know the so-called knowledge is to live a simple life, don’t think anything before sleep. Because there’s nothing to worry about tomorrow.

the Beijing news: it is said that in such a large number of writing, you still have the energy to do stocks, how did you do that?

huang2 yi4: I like fun, stock is very interesting for me also very realistic game, when I look at the screen of the stock market, the stock in the beating, if you can guess what it to the position, that is one of the most interesting game. Life is game, I think the best life is a will. To make as much fun of life, I have been to do so.

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