Human first self-portrait exposure was born in 1839 (FIG.)

in 1839, American photographer Robert & middot; Cornelius took the first one from the pictures.

the U.S. first lady michelle Obama has oneself and pet dog & other; Wave & throughout; Since the photos uploaded on social networking sites.

, according to the daily mail reported & other; Take & throughout; Annual hot words become Britain’s Oxford University press, 2013, but the first one in human history since the photo, in fact, as early as 1839 appeared, pictures of the photographer is American photographer Robert & middot; Cornelius. Only when the camera is not popular, ordinary people also can’t play. Until 1900, kodak company launched a cheap & other; A box brownie & throughout; Camera, camera just popular among ordinary people.

first autodyne is a pioneer behavior

modern autodyne tide comes from social networks and smartphones revolution, the emergence of antique self-portraits are also the result of science and technology innovation. Camera and modern photography began in 1790, the British Thomas & middot; Wedgwood create the basic model of camera, in 1826, the French inventor Joseph & middot; Nie theopompus it became like modern camera equipment.

in 1838, the first will own image on the film, not long after, the first in the world since the photograph also appeared & ndash; & ndash; In 1839, American photographer Robert & middot; Cornelius took the first one from the pictures. But since the picture is not from now on, ordinary people can shoot the photos have to wait until February 1900, kodak and other A box brownie & throughout; The camera. The camera price for only $1, shell made of cardboard, using 117 mm film, once the camera is launched is popular, selling millions of cameras. Its low cost, easy operation, promote the snapshot technology all over the world, and in 1900 British women filmed the photo with it also proved that the photos become a trend.

for modern people, the autodyne is a kind of entertainment, but for pioneers of more than 100 years ago, this is a revolutionary innovation. (xin)

Oxford take annual hot word

19 selected annual Oxford dictionary words: Selfie (take). Take usually refers to people use smart phones or network camera filmed their appearance. Selected the reason is that the use of the word frequency is 170 times more than a year ago.

take agitation of sheng, even the us first lady michelle Obama had themselves and pet dog & other; Wave & throughout; Since the photo upload social website with the photos. Former us secretary of state Hillary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea take upload social networking sites.

the Oxford dictionary, said in a statement & other; Selfie” This year is very popular in the english-speaking world, by the social media of modern language to express his photograph mainstream brief expressions, thus selected annual hot words.

according to the Oxford dictionary editor of the Oxford dictionary publishers choose annual hot word of language study. & other; Selfie” Also spawned many similar words, such as & other Helfie” Referring to take hair, & other; Drelfie” Was filmed himself & other; Drink & throughout; Looks like.

Oxford press selection criteria for annual hot word is: it is a word, or a statement, the beginning of the year to the selection, it attracted people’s interest, reflects the social ideological trend this year, emotions and trend, and cultural significance as a vocabulary, has great potential spread.