Hunan 85 – year – old college entrance examination for the third time Want to read the political university dream (FIG.)


on June 7, 2013, hunan yongzhou fourth middle school college entrance examination site, the afternoon after take an examination of the mathematics, rob in the old man out of the examination room. Image: CFP photography: Zhao Hehe

international online news: on June 7, 2013, were held in 2013 the college entrance examination normal, in hunan examinee has a very special, he was in the 85 – year – old man rob, this is the third time he attended the university entrance exam. After twice received notification, he didn’t go to check points, & other; May lower & throughout; .

in the afternoon, Robert was born in 1928, has just finished a test in which was the fourth middle school mathematics. , who said he called the liberal arts, rob in no matter which school to go to, as long as economically afford, he will go to study.

rob said, now don’t have my children, his wife also have a good body, your body, no trouble back at home, so would like their university dream, if take an examination, he wanted to read politics or management.

on June 7, 2013, hunan yongzhou lingling road no. 854 building, rob back home, his wife, neighbors and the reporters came to interview at home have been waiting long. Image: CFP photography: Zhao Hehe