Huzhou 1.5 billion to build 95000 square meters seven star hotel called “seat” (FIG.)

called & other; LIDS & throughout; The & other; Throughout China sheraton huzhou hot springs resort &; . Xinmin taken

China sheraton huzhou hot springs resort hotel. Xinmin taken

Beijing, huzhou November 24 (xinhua reporter Li Mengqing Wang Enmin intern) following & other; The big shorts & throughout; , & other Autumn pants & throughout; , & other Throughout the bikini &; Adds a new member, now the family members & ndash; & ndash; & other; LIDS & throughout; . Recently, the zhejiang sheraton huzhou hot springs resort is netizen like turn up & other; LIDS & throughout; .

the reporter understands, the hotel called & all other Throughout China sheraton huzhou hot springs resort &; (hereinafter referred to as the sheraton huzhou), by the Shanghai fly chau group invested 1.5 billion yuan to build the platinum 7 star hotel, located in the zhejiang huzhou taihu lake resort, 101.2 meters high, 116 meters wide, covers an area of 75 mu, total construction area of 95000 square meters.

it is understood that the huzhou & other; The ninth bay & throughout; Landmark buildings, in May 2008, this year on September 28. The hotel by the MAD architects, the world famous architect Mr Ma creative design. In February 2010, upon the approval of the state intellectual property office of the exterior design national patent certificate.

the hotel claims: sheraton huzhou type ring shape, is the international initiative, China only. Subject construction made full use of good water in taihu lake, the water of the combination of dynamic and static beauty, perfectly reflects the international design concept, after completion will also declared the world’s ten famous buildings.

it with international design concept seven-star hotel, by netizens poking fun at & other shaped like flip up; LIDS & throughout; , the net friend & other; Tube it throughout spring and summer and autumn/winter joy & everyday; Call it: & other; Platinum seven-star LIDS & throughout; .

before the combination by netizens poking fun at some of the buildings, the net friend & other; The writers xiao-jun wang & throughout; Conclusion: & other; The big shorts, big long Johns, toilet cover cup yan. Throughout the &;

it is located in Beijing guomao CBD business circle of CCTV new building there is a widespread name & other; The big shorts & throughout; . In addition, also received & other; Twisted & throughout; , & other Oblique cross & throughout; , & other The bird legs & throughout; Such as title. CCTV has suspicion these names indecent, in its internal name of the new building.