If Shakespeare has a sister: review of Chinese and western scholars “sisters”

coach research (columnist)

it has been verified by experts, Shakespeare did have a wife, presumably one owe the next debt, cheating self-defeating in very young when he couldn’t come up with other countermeasures have to shotgun. Or are the smaller than when street gangs Sally is said to have also long for a few years old sister have a crush on him a potential shares, like Mr Murakami anonymous in those years, his wife without complaint in Japan when holding a cat to keep warm in cold weather, people gossip about her state of mind. As a result, the adult may know & other; Children from throughout the &; Sister play a little trick, this kind of common sense that bead tire dark knot. Otherwise how could Shakespeare in his will, you heart have grievances, emphasis on leaving his wife & other; A second-best bed & throughout; ?

if Shakespeare had a sister, what would he leave her? In Shakespeare’s stingy and merchant dispute, I’m afraid I can’t expect too much. But even if there is a younger sister, also do not need to worry about to divide inheritance, because she must be die in front of him. Of course, there is no expert for the existence of the sister flag-waving, the nameless girl, but is Woolf’s invention.

in Woolf be remembered as a feminist in the context, the name of Shakespeare’s girl, also like her brother’s genius, romantic literary grace. Daily, Shakespeare philandering, experience life in the outside, she could only sit in the living room because, some will and Jane & middot; Austin as the groceries on the paper daub a few lines, but it must be approached before hiding outside the manuscript. Lady can only write, can’t write poetry. One day, she gave the parcel slipped down from the window and went to London alone a home theater, seeking his brother had & hellip; & hellip;

Shakespeare not only has a remarkable intellect virtual sister, China’s song dynasty, su dongpo also have called xiao-mei su, there’s plenty glib story about her. The American writer Henry & middot; James is only a real cousin, but the girl who called Minnie die young, their talent is author of the master, cole’s & middot; Tobin rendering with Mrs Browning, as if she is a female version of Henry & middot; James. & other; Sister & throughout; Seems to be a very convenient words, when a man’s gift is enough to simply make the gods cry, people like to he coined an equally extraordinary. See more at where the literary master genealogy, rather than a scientist. After all, & other; Romantic literary grace & throughout; The term is often make people think of sensitive, delicate and sentimental, the hearts of this kind of mysterious female temperament, in the era of women’s action is not free, there is a kind of aesthetic expectation of female beauty just a haggard. Newton never had a sister, it is hard to imagine people will relish Newton’s sister, took the watch when eggs boiled in a pot, this kind of thing, in the men’s is the gentleman informal section, in the women’s, is dye-in-the-wood doctrines behavior, it’s out of the door.

in the qing dynasty famous scribe yuan mei have a real sister, named Yuan Suwen, reportedly & other; Baby good reading & throughout; , write poetry also pretty, but recept, stand on a bookworm dad. Yuan Bin helped a wins, called hd gaos thought brother without thought, his brother eight proposals to wife is not yet born children as Yuan Bin son-in-law, Yuan Bin nod. Who knows this doll is not success, the bigger the annoying, even & other; Have an animals throughout the &; High, eight also ashamed, active engagement. Partial Yuan Bin head has a problem, in & other; Re-understanding & throughout; Moral codes on screwing. Daughter in the past, and intermittently tortured, repeatedly through twists and turns, just back to home. Since then, wen & other; ChangZhai, clothing is not pure, not smell, sick died & throughout; With the living dead, was at the age of forty.

Yuan Suwen life is like wind in the trees, by the middle into two segments, marriage, is wide and clear than the rift valley. Yuan mei later widely accept female disciple, is involved in this? Maybe his heart had been curious, want to have a look at these and, when the average age of the female disciple, what can get development. James will hold this idea, he in “Daisy & middot; miller”, “the portrait of a lady” in the novel, such as shape, repeatedly guess Ming 20 years old later in life. Can in that year, Minnie died, want to go to Italy struggling to James for help, no money James kept quiet. If Shakespeare had a sister, what is the opportunity, in Woolf’s hypothetical, she finally & other; A suicide & throughout; , & other; Buried in a cross street, nearby, elephant and castle, existing passenger car parked. Throughout the &; So, still want to say, thanks to Shakespeare has no sister.