If xinjiang auction 260 kilograms of sugar dlyqxs qiang jade material 5 million clinch a deal

ruoqiang auction in xinjiang in the graph is a 260 kg of xinjiang ruoqiang sugar dlyqxs clinchs a deal with the price of 5 million yuan. Sun Ting wen taken

if Beijing, xinjiang qiang on September 25 (Reuters) – Sun Ting hai-jun zhou wen) 3 million yuan, 4 million yuan, 4.5 million yuan & hellip; & hellip; Clinch a deal. As the auctioneer’s hammer tone, specifications for net weight 260 kg of xinjiang ruoqiang sugar dlyqxs clinchs a deal with the price of 5 million yuan. All climax of jade sale to xinjiang & middot; If qiang the fifth loulan festival loulan DouYuShi jade appreciation activities to a climax. The sale auction jade boutique 14 pieces, total price is as high as 12.4 million yuan.

according to introducing, is located in southeast of xinjiang, southern xinjiang & other; Jade road & throughout; Ruoqiang is a resource enrichment in the central part of the land of great beauty of scenery, rich products, beautiful, after ten million years of natural evolution, condensed the essence of mountains and rivers in ten million the sun, which possess the unique treasures & ndash; & ndash; Topaz.

the topaz for its golden color and & other; Yellow & throughout; & other; Huang & throughout; Homophones was as a symbol of imperial power in ancient, people now to topaz as a symbol of flourishing career, popularity. If the qiang sugar dlyqxs material for Han Ting hair said, jade is a kind of non-renewable resources, but this piece of jade expected good jade, exquisite, is the collection market & other To be bestowed favor on newly & throughout; . Invested 5 million yuan to collect this fine texture, patina plump, rare jade excellence, is the first choice for every collector.

ruoqiang as fully promote the jade culture inheritance, the introduction of shandong yantai chang rui hexiang company, investment of 75 million yuan, built collection of jade production, processing, sale, appreciation, exhibition, trade, logistics, which integrates if qiang loulan jade are big trade, cultural exchange center. The center will provide valuable jade industry at home and abroad trade, cultural exchanges and cooperation to provide broad platform, if further promote qiang tourism development, in an effort to create national treasure jade shicheng to lay a solid foundation.