Ikkyu monk “sex diary:” sex is constantly meditating Buddha

“clever ikkyu” still (figure)

in this paper, from the Japanese color way, Hao Xiang full, hubei people’s publishing house, 2009.6

in Japan, the noble noble and romantic, has the samurai’s romantic warrior, and monks also has its own love. Japan’s nationality is good at absorbing foreign culture, more adept at trade-offs, is also the disadvantages for Buddhism. Japanese people should enjoy doing the monk’s benefits, also want to save human, a nation of abstinence culture mainly come from its nationality’s primitive religion, ethnic traditional morality, both in Japan could not find the ethnic and religious abstinence, also did not form the moral tradition of abstinence, as a result, Japan despite the introduction of India and China advocates buddhist abstinence, but they keep in lust, caution and cannot insist for a long time.

the holy crown of afford to come to China in 600 AD, direct input after Buddhism from China, Japan’s aristocratic bureaucrats are adding monk, so the filth of the officialdom into the world of this supposed to be quiet, sometimes Buddhism should be the ruling people, drunk and lying to people’s spiritual opium, monasteries became a sanctuary for political struggle. Way mirror event, after the Japanese government to get rid of temples and monks, control of the political capital was safe, and clean up the Buddhism, lifted the practice of the forbidden forest, mountain Buddhism in Japan so developed. Emerging shingon airsea monk (774-835) was strict with his disciple stealth, it is strictly prohibited under the monk contact women, more it is strictly prohibited women up into the temple. But at this point, the debauchery type already edify the Japanese Buddhism, and abstinence, after all, don’t adapt to the nationality of Japan open, so the ring is difficult to lasting. Japanese absorbing foreign culture while is absorbed without hesitation at the beginning, but after a period of time, they will choose transformed, even make it to Japan, in accordance with the Japanese human nature. Lust is the nationality of Japanese Buddhism, the fundamental conflict between the mid and late heian period, in tiantai ZongYan Shirley temple as the center of Japanese Buddhism sect monasteries again control politics, influence the regime, the temple has not only the & enjoy great privileges other Don’t lose the right to farm & throughout; And captive monk soldiers, a large number of these names for monks, are bald warrior, become the domineering even the armed forces of the court there is no help for his stupidity, keep lust, caution, not to touch a woman talking about?

in the muromachi period (1333-1603), the Japanese people’s mind, & other; Women are not necessarily weaknesses. Same blue & throughout; . Even monks are not avoided discussing the temptation of erotic and sensual experience, that as long as open the Japanese monk in this era, eshoo ZongChun monk’s “crazy gathers”, the poems of continue crazy cloud can be verified, including & other; Love & throughout; The word like a machine gun, especially in the poems of continue crazy cloud, out of every four on average have a talk about romantic, and mostly refers to sexual love.

& have spent & have spent & have spent The clever ikkyu, legend is the illegitimate child of komatsu after emperor, after becoming a monk from number & other; Crazy cloud & throughout; , poetry anthology “crazy gathers”, the poems of continue crazy cloud hence the name. Ikkyu died in 1460 at age 1460, monk hospice generally will be died for ket, and when he died at the time of the poem is written like this:

ten years spent under fang au, an infinite affection.

goodbye to knee pillow children, night about good sex.

here ikkyu so-called & other; Love & throughout; Is sex is said to & other; Sex junior & throughout; A poem, a rest and to discuss the experience of zen meditation and sexual experience:

in the children and grandchildren could zen, the donkey of the whole blind side.

60, sex junior autumn night in one hundred thousand.