In 1962 MAO zedong fete pu yi Said it is “boss” (photo)


the Spring Festival in 1962, the founding leader MAO zedong in h private church fete ZhangShiZhao, cheng chien, QiuAo and Wang Xiaofan friends of four celebrities.

after sitting, MAO zedong said humorously: & other; Please you come today to accompany a guest. Throughout the &;

you puzzling, MAO zedong deliberately said mysteriously & other; Is your boss! Throughout the &; Everyone is more confused, & other Who is that man? Throughout the &; Just then, a tall, thin man of more than 50 years old, with a smile, generous demeanor into the living room. Neither national leaders, nor newspapers often posted pictures of famous people. MAO zedong is the first time I saw this man, face up to shake hands, and he sat down at his side, with a thick shaoshan accent said with a smile: & other; Don’t know, he is xuantong emperor! Not everyone’s boss? Throughout the &; ZhangShiZhao such as an eye opener, that year ZhangShiZhao su newspaper still scold him!

it is national hard times, the table is only a few dish of hunan flavor of chili, balsam pear, black bean and other dishes and rice and steamed bread, drinking wine.

ate and MAO zedong said to pu yi, & other; We don’t have any pepper hunan people most like to eat chili, would not eat. Throughout the &; Said, green capsicum Fried balsam pear, pick up the chopsticks at puyi former dab, saw that he had to eat into his mouth, smiled and asked him, & other; How about the taste? Not bad! Throughout the &; Pu yi already hot a LianRe sweat, rushed said: & other; Ok. Ok. Throughout the &;

MAO zedong pointed QiuAo and cheng chien, said to pu yi, & other; Their heaviest spicy, good citizen, not for yourself when you rise up against you, the revolution is, you this Lao zi ran down the emperor isn’t it? Throughout the &; Puyi laughed before us back. What wine is not drunk everybody from drunk!