In the qing dynasty palace real Zhen Huan: kowtow sooner or later A dog is the main entertainment

Palace Museum hid the daoguang emperor xi overflow autumn court figure

to the Palace Museum collection “mei high-ranked imperial concubine spring people play figure”

in the popular “zhen 嬛 biography attracted me, alone is the complex of the qing dynasty palace etiquette, let people be taught. But throughout the intrigue, but lose the outline of the real life.

& other; Zhen Huan & throughout; Is a fictional character, but in historical heritage, and literature, we can know the qing dynasty imperial harem those like & other; Zhen Huan & throughout; As the palace of the real life of the women face & hellip; & hellip;


in the qing dynasty imperial harem women’s life and recreation

life without freedom, qing make harem women spirit is depressed, leisure, comfort in depression, how to become palace women must have life cultivation.

, theatre is one of the main recreational activities in qing dynasty palace ladies. Qing dynasty palace office consists of dressing, the affairs of his acting palace. Today, and in the national library of China rare book TeCangBu opera characters of department album “the celebration of the reward dressing”, is the time of the drama actor spectral coloured drawing or pattern.

a pet dog, it is also one of palace women recreational way. Qing office consists of internal and external dog, altogether has hundreds of pedigree dog. Only just kept dozens, dignified emperor high-ranked imperial concubine also has nine only. These dogs of gear is a luxury, its size, material, style, design, meticulous.

today, still remain in the Palace Museum of concubines for dogs of all kinds of clothing to wear. Of the Palace Museum, now he passed the moment diagram, two young princess, ran the two beautiful little BaGou; Daoguang emperor and amusement of the children to enjoy family happy time of the daoguang emperor xi overflow autumn court figure, also can see a lot of lovely dog.

in addition to entertainment, to kill time is an important content of life. According to the national Palace Museum, a researcher at YuanHongQi introduction, palace women have fixed time daily daily life, every morning, the younger generation are going to give elder kowtow inquire, in addition, the main activity is to learn.

she like writing, drawing, reading, also called for rape, the female officer, ladies all around to learn. From the empress dowager cixi of the portrait, when he was young as you can see, her on tea table is open book.

now in the Palace Museum “fu lu shou” axis, empress dowager cixi YuBi Zhu Shu & other; Ferro longevity & throughout; Three characters, distinctive style, use of pictographic technique, like a painting works. & other; F & throughout; And & other Paul & throughout; Two words borrowed from the same Chinese character component, between them to write a & other; Throughout life &; Words, like the appearance of longevity “on crutches. She wrote these Chinese characters, is often used to reward to the secretary of the inside and outside.

learning, embroidery, sewing, is one of the palace women often do. Although the palace women’s clothes, each year by the palace to customize, but underwear, shoes and socks to do myself. A after the room today, the Palace Museum, also holds the harem ladies do a trunk full of sole and shoe upper leaf.


“mei high-ranked imperial concubine spring people play figure” of concubines

from now in the Palace Museum “mei high-ranked imperial concubine spring people play figure,” how can also see the palace women for recreation. The photo of the qing dynasty xianfeng emperor court painter painted. Images of railing build by laying bricks or stones, jade rock under well, flowers in full bloom, a royal garden of the exquisite scenery.

although the name is “mei high-ranked imperial concubine spring people play figure, the frame has three women, they are all xianfeng emperor’s concubines. Learned from the character TiQian beside, the right side, dressed in a blue QiZhuang woman is often in xin, she looked calm, slightly bent, filled with flowers on her left hand, right hand reached out also in picking the flowers.

the middle is the woman in green QiZhuang mei high-ranked imperial concubine, she phoenix eye pick up slightly, corners of the mouth slightly smiling, look enchanting charming is spruce. Her one hand on the rocks, one hand persistent fishing rod is leisurely fishing. Slightly twisted her body into a beautiful S form, show tall and beautiful figure.

standing beside her, wear purplish blue QiZhuang woman is in the spring of noble, which is recorded in the history of & other; 瑃 noble & throughout; . Her expression is halcyon, drooping, single-handedly holding rod fishing.

their costumes are daily wear, instead of showily as celebration or festival. All wore the same design QiZhuang, called & other; Big armbands & throughout; The white lining sleeves rolled out, with the same small white scarf round his neck photograph echo. All comb the manchu women’s popular & other; Two head & throughout; Divide, the hair around, one on each side, above with all kinds of flowers, very pretty.

it is interesting to note that the three women’s eyes, all is not what you have to do, to pick a flower xin in bloom, did not look at the hand picked flowers, noble, the fishing mei high-ranked imperial concubine and spring eyes didn’t look at the water’s hook, three people all eyes looking at the picture.

expert analysis, this is a court painter to realistic technique, their depiction of fishing, picking flowers in imperial garden of the interesting scene. They look calm, peaceful, demure. However, their fate and into the palace, after really like their expression calm? In fact, the fate of the three women are very bumpy.


three palace women’s fate is very bumpy

in accordance with the system of China’s qing dynasty empresses and concubines with one queen, one imperial concubine of the emperor, and the two imperial concubine, princess four, six other wives; Again under the noble, often in, promise, quota. From the queen to promise, although is a harem harim, its status has a world of difference.

in figure 3, mei high-ranked imperial concubine position slightly higher. She formerly named Xu Jiashi, humble origins, because looks beautiful, considerate, 1853 was heshen dubbed & other Often throughout the &; , soon promoted to mei noble. But two years later, make mistakes, not carefully xianfeng emperor great anger, she is often in the. After 20 days, the emperor angry not disappear, again put her down the officer woman.

officer woman, in fact, is the maid of honor, status is very low. Xu Jiashi within a month of lower levels which master to slave, this let her to tears all day long. Fortunately, xianfeng emperor soon feel like doing a bit, and after eight days again for her often in, again soon promoted to noble.

Xu Jiashi appreciate the emperor tianwei, then speak more cautious, one thousand ways to please the emperor, to win the favor of the emperor, that she had conceived, soon gave birth to a prince in 1858. Xianfeng emperor ecstatic, children just full moon, made her a mei wives.

unfortunately, soon after the little prince, she ever unhappy, no children. Xianfeng emperor died, she is only 25 years old. Word emperor after he began to reign, and he made her a mei princess, and then be dubbed mei high-ranked imperial concubine. She has lived and died in 1890, at the age of 54.

spring noble MingShi has no way of knowing. Xianfeng emperor in 1850 when he began to reign, and she was dubbed 瑃 noble; Three years later be reduced to MingChangZai; Five years later was reduced to Ming promised; Six years later, he was heavy as 瑃 often in; Died in 1859.

today another palace painting in the spring of the wives noble figure axis, in the spring of noble and the two other wives a uniform ride a horse. Images of the spring the twinkle in her eyes; look dashing, and appearance in “mei high-ranked imperial concubine spring people play figure”, compared to more gorgeous much appearance.

xin in MingShi also often do not know. She in 1850 by the xianfeng emperor as often in xin, a smooth life. Died in 1859.

three beauty, ill-fated, happily. On them, looks very cheerful mood. Obviously, a moment of leisure, give them a short relaxed and happy.