In the qing dynasty the examinee how to cheat? On the 2 meters long silk silks to write 100000 words (figure)

happened in lower case, 100000 words, with 2.2 m long silk silks

(reporter jiang xu intern Yang Tongshu) in the qing dynasty in the imperial examinations of the examinee how to cheat? Recently appeared in hubei academy of fine arts & other; Read painting collections building & throughout; A rare and precious cultural relics & ndash; & ndash; In the qing dynasty examinee’s & other; Entrainment & throughout; , which amazed the audience.

this & other; Qing imperial examination entrainment & throughout; For a piece of about 2.2 meters long, about 20 centimeters wide yellow silk silks, due to the long time, some dark silk cloth, it is peppered with the size of a grain of rice & other; Happened in lower case & throughout; Copy the eight-part essay writing test of post content such as poetry, the classics, and answers the answer. The viewer must use eyes close to literally, to see some content on the silk silks. Ascribed to it make a lot of visitors, a few enthusiastic readers also carefully counted the number of words above, there are more than 110 words each column alone, total more than 100000 words. The man in the qing dynasty & other; Vision & throughout; And & other; Cheating kung fu & throughout; Really make present dust, a female student even exclaimed: good scary, it’s breathtaking & other Micro calligraphy & throughout; .

it collectors, & other Read & painting floor throughout; Master Mr Plum is introduced, the years of the imperial students cheat entrainment, for more than 20 years ago found a friend from Shanghai. Particularly valuable is that the late famous painting and calligraphy history expert and researcher at the national museum of China, Mr Shi Shuqing in August 2000, has carried on the appraisal of cultural relics, also for our collection left entitled & other; The imperial examinations in qing dynasty appreciation entrainment & throughout; Identification of calligraphy.

according to introducing, the ancient imperial examination to cheat check is very strict. It is said that emperor qianlong reign, was once a strict regulation: to examinee’s wear hats, shirts, robe, binding, socks must be single, leather and felt cloth to remove the lining, shoes requirement is thin bottom & hellip; & hellip; At the same time, even before the strip inspection. Take so long, it seems, & other; Entrainment & throughout; Smoothly into the examination room also is not easy.

Mr Shi Shuqing provides us with the answer in the comments: & other; Of the imperial examination system since the tang dynasty is the foundation of the country for only, take on all previous dynasties pursued, cheating in the examination room case for qing sheng, the bringing notes in silk silks & hellip; & hellip; Articular capsule in the examination room, communication, high school, often ZhengJi decay of the proof is in the qing dynasty. Throughout the &; The comment on writing, together with the entrained framed into a scroll, for people to visit, scroll all say close to 3.5 meters.

it is understood that the similar in the qing dynasty in the imperial examinations and other Entrainment & throughout; A length of not more than 60 cm, mostly like this for two or three meters & other; Entrainment & throughout; It is rare. Mr Plum, this collection is also his first public display.