Independent documentary starved of year: the father of the village still barren (FIG.)

documentary filmmaker, mr.wu and wife Wen Hui in recent years will work on the find & other; Hunger throughout the memory &; On.

documentary filmmaker, mr.wu and wife Wen Hui in recent years will work on the find & other; Hunger throughout the memory &; On.

proposed interview old man in the village.

proposed interview old man in the village.

in & other; The folk memory image planning & throughout; , mr.wu let a group of young people with an average age of 25, back to the village of his birth, use on the old man of the village and the village, around three years of natural disasters, hungry for dies and changes in the memory. Under the grand narrative of history, the forgotten country details like a deep well, buried realistic society and history of the truth.

the film “1942” to bring people back to the 1942 drought in henan, the hunger in the history of memory, a shock. There was a little girl in the movie, the family all died, she followed zhang guoli to play old club began to continue migration, said the narrator: & other; Fifteen years later, the little girl became an niang, ever since I can remember, haven’t see her tears, also don’t eat meat. Decades later, when I for the sake of an interview, asked in 1942, she a face of vacant. 19 April 2 years? How much starved of the year, what exactly do you mean? Throughout the &;

began in 2010, a group of young people under the guidance of documentary film director, mr.wu, back to their villages, and listen to the old people about those & other; Starved to death throughout the year &; . Looking for & other; Hunger throughout the memory &; Today, they found that full village is still poor, for young people, change the village or to change himself, became their new mission.

Laurence family house, a common village of hunan province.

as its, Laurence family house an ordinary villagers.

the born in 1935, only primary culture level of the old man took ten years to wrote a memoir, recorded his experience profound experience: land reform, the great leap forward, three years of hunger, & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; & hellip; & hellip; He gave his life: six words describe slave, hard and tired, panic, and float.

this memoir, originally like history of the village was forgotten, if not the arrival of the proposed.

in the summer of 2010, his neighbor proposed found him with a V D and would like to interview stories about disasters of the three years 1959-1961.

as its rebuff: & other; In 1958, is not like this, said more you speak, speak freely. But after speaking, is the right hat. Throughout the &;

& other; Now what else to wear hat? Throughout the &; Proposed don’t understand.

& other; Is, now is not, is & hellip; & hellip; This policy is to have all the time shift. Throughout the &; As its tightly clutched in his hand the memoirs of printed catalogue.

this winter, proposed spent a winter time and stay with him, ao however young people, as its finally took out his & other; Work & throughout; . 260000 – word “memoirs of a ruthless of heaven and earth in neat blue ballpoint pen to write on the exercise books, all 10. Workbooks, thickly dotted, mixed with a lot of traditional Chinese characters, recorded the story of the hungry. Over the years, from time to time out its own look, silent tears.

proposed camera to record these details. Scene, a typical Chinese farmers face, telling the hunger of memory of embedded deep inside the body.

this memory is not far from today, 50 years apart.