Indian army mistake when UFO speculated that Jupiter is unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) in China

the Indian media recently reported that troops in the sino-indian border frequently found ufos, even speculation that this is the so-called China & other; Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) & throughout; Such as reconnaissance equipment.

India which makes investigation, but the media reported the results of a survey eye-popping, turns out that the Indian army will by both Venus and Jupiter planet in the solar system for unmanned aerial vehicle (uav).

Astronomers rumours

the Indian army on the so-called & other; Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) violation of Indian airspace & throughout; Events for half a year after the investigation found that ufos are actually Jupiter and Venus.

the Indian military sources said that the UFO & other; a total of 155 times Violation of Indian territory & throughout; , the military requirements for recognition of the Indian institute of astrophysics. Astronomers judging from unidentified object trajectory, the object is actually a planet.

had said because of too high can’t shoot down

but the telegraph, points out that due to different altitudes is not the same as the thickness of the atmosphere, can see the brightness of the planet is different also, combined with the uav’s more and more being put into use, troops sentry judgment could be forgiven for thinking.

before it is reported that the two GuoBianFang during the conference, India has formally on the matter with the Chinese diplomacy, but was denied. India said an anonymous official in private, China also recommended the troops object can be shot down at the meeting, the truth. He admitted due to too high, the Indian military is hard to shoot down.