Indonesian maid VS China aunt: aunt dishonest but cheap is illusion


to Singapore do project, accompanying, I stopped for a few weeks. Meanwhile, a female colleague called hayley warmly invited us to her home for dinner.

this year 40 s hayley is a native of Singapore, at the middle in the company. Listen to introduce Mr., she has two daughters, big 6 years old, small 3 years old, Mr Do trade, traveling throughout the year. Her mother died last year, the father small strokes, was also come to live with her.

this monumental exploits a large family, the husband is not at home, I feel that a guest is too bothersome, so let’s get together one of these suggested or find a restaurant outside. But haylie has repeatedly insisted that was not a bit of trouble, must be at ease, try her nanyang cuisine skills.

went to just discover, hayley’s not polite to us & ndash; & ndash; Secret is her a efficiency is extremely powerful Indonesian maid. Whether need to take care of father at any time, or chicken fly a dog to jump two naughty girl, the maid named mia can make sure post post. And this is just a fraction of her work, she also to clean, laundry, ironing, cooking, ferry their children to school, pad man old man see the doctor, gardening and even washing the car!

, have a guest come to visit her is also very easy. Only need to hand over to treat, mia, buy food, wash cut with good, she fry cook. Then after the meal, we’ll tell her, very envy her to have such a good helper, and tell us pain in Shanghai & other; Aunt throughout the &; .

a few years ago my grandmother died, grandfather has brains not clear, but self-care ability is good. Because once lost, it specially hired an aunt to nurse him. The aunt in anhui province, 40 years old, illiterate, we just hope that she can take good care of my grandfather’s three meals a day, clothes, and look at him not to go out running.

she comes, say good to $3000 a month, the bag eats encase, take a day off a week. Two months later, she proposed to add monthly salary 200, the reason is that my grandfather always make and going out with her, she felt that is very trouble. We appreciate her, he agreed. Who knows later, a once in a while to visit grandpa, aunt unexpectedly found that he was tied at the edge of the bed frames, locked in the home, aunt since to be the person of hometown. Grandpa body clothes is stink, diaper also has a few days did not change. The poor old man was confused, they are not being treated so long.

angrily dismissed the aunt, when she was swearing, says she and other Take this money for this job & throughout; Is almost when their & other; Do good & throughout; , also wanting to steal the grandpa a new thick coats.

hailie listen to exclaim: & other; This is your government no matter? Throughout the &; We listened to more surprised & ndash; & ndash; Ah? Small or the people, the government tube?

mia hayley this just fine with us about the situation. Such an Indonesian maid, is to be approved by the Singapore government special work permit, training and introduction, is Singapore’s households to hiring. Her home is the first door & other mia came to Singapore; Club & throughout; Law of Singapore, and in the next two years, she doesn’t have a day holiday, after two years if well received by an employer, she can have one day holiday every month.

and hayley also don’t pay it directly to the mia, but pay special department of the government, which also includes must pay the relevant taxes, mia is paid from the government. When hayley tell us such a & other; Almighty nanny & throughout; The full cost of a month, it’s our turn to the alarm & ndash; & ndash; Unexpectedly just s $600, equivalent to 3000 yuan! The money, for her income this month s $30000 in Singapore middle-class family, is almost negligible fraction.

our impression of China aunt dishonest but & other; Cheap & throughout; Impression, it seems it is an illusion.