Informed the interviewer disclosure: humor master Lao she why choose lake suicide?

Lao she (1899 & ndash; Up to 1966), formerly known as ShuQingChun, word, manchu, from Beijing, a famous modern writer.

Jiang Ji Mr Lao she was born in 1963 New Year’s day

on August 24, is Mr Lao she’s death. This is the day for me, before his one hundredth birthday in 1999, still has a strong sense of not quite, because it is so far away from me. And in that year, I published the first book he related & ndash; & ndash; Lao she’s death: a memoir, “interview. Two years later in 2001, in 35 anniversary of his death, my wife and I cooperation published another book “the memory of taiping lake & ndash; & ndash; Lao she’s death”. Eight years fleeting, is that he’s 110th birthday in 2009, I work with his wife’s new “dictation to Lao she’s death” was launched by fudan university press. This year is the 45th anniversary of his death, fudan university publishing house has just published the book “Lao she and the fate of Chinese modern intellectuals”. Inadvertently years in evidence, and to my writing, publishing his works, and his birth year predestined match. If life has often been called humorists things, he finally not just vote to end his life, I would feel…… this agreement has an inner sense of humor, at least, is very interesting. However, his humor is a legacy of a precious cultural heritage. Unfortunately, vulgar joke in nowadays is often as a sense of humor.