Ink astronomical archaeologists rumours: “the end of the world” has been in the past six months ago

Beijing news dispatch (reporter Deng Qi) according to the controversial & other; The mayan prophecy & throughout; , December 21, 2012, that is the end of the world, now from the legendary & other; The end of the world & throughout; Only time; But Mexico astronomical archaeologists recently added more professor in Beijing for the Maya Lin biting doomsday rumours.

based on his study found that the mayans never actually predicted the end of the world. Garin introduces three versions of more & other; The mayan prophecy & throughout; But, he argues, the mayans never predicted the end of the world. & other; The calendar the date of the end of a cycle does not mean that the earth will have some kind of disaster from the sky. Throughout the &;

garin found that the more important status in the mayan civilization, Venus & other; Because Venus is very bright, after sunset and before sunrise, it can be observed. Throughout the &; Many mayan architecture have said Venus hieroglyph, the ancient mayans built houses, sacrifice, and other important activities are associated with the activity of astronomical especially Venus, according to the mayan calendar and Venus cycle, garin think & other; Throughout the end &; In fact with the transit of Venus on June 5, 2012. Convert the mayan calendar into the epoch of modern law is difficult, and more about Lin, currently has more than 50 kinds of conversion method, & other; Each kind of method of & lsquo; The end & rsquo; Time is different. Throughout the &;