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zhang xian2 liang4, was born in December 1936, native of jiangsu 10 years. Secondary school that started as early as the 50 s literary creation, 1955 immigrants from Beijing to ningxia, when the first farmers as a faculty member. In 1957, & other; Anti-rightist campaign & throughout; Because of “wind song” was published poetry is divided into & other The right & throughout; Farm, van & other; Labor & throughout; For 22 years. After the third plenary session of the communist party of China in 1979 to rectify rehabilitated, pen again after writing novels, essays, reviews, movie script, become one of the most important writers in contemporary China. Its representative works are: short story “spirit and flesh”, the story of the old man and the dog xing, “shaw braque”, “first kiss”, etc.; And of the sons of medium-length novel “the river”, “dragon seed”, “the dungeon prattle”, “can’t wake up”, “good friends”, “the black cannon romance”, “green tree”, “adolescence”, “one hundred and sixty million”, etc. The style of the novel “the man”, “half of man is woman,” used to death “, “my bodhi tree” literariness “used to death” and long political essays “novel China”; Essays are over Europa, the edge of the sketch, the novel BianYu “, “wisdom”, another way of thinking of Chinese literati, etc. Three-time national excellent prize for fiction in 1980 (the spirit and the flesh of the shore braque, 1984, 1983 “greening tree”), the national literary periodicals award for many times, there are 9 novel adapted for film and television to the screen (” “, “the black cannon incident”, “shaw braque”, “dragon seed”, “fantasy”, “we are the world”, “the man is the style of”, “the old man and a dog”, “the children of the river”); Works translated into 30 languages in the world, become one of the writers of China since the new period, with extensive influence in the world, the United States & middot; the New York times book review, time magazine, the far eastern economic review, Britain’s the guardian, the straits times of Singapore, Japan’s sankei, German TV, Swedish television and other world famous news media have paid great attention to him, and various provinces and cities domestic CCTV television stations have done a lot of reports on him.

in December 1992 in & other; Throughout the southern speech &; After the founding of ningxia China west film studio, as chairman. Now owned by western ZhenBeiBao studios has rapidly developed into the most famous film studio in western China, ningxia is set sightseeing, entertainment, leisure, catering, shopping, experience in one of the important scenic spots and ancient Chinese and western drama, film and television best location filming base, passed the ISO9001:2000 international quality management system, by the state council and the ministry of culture named & other; National cultural industry demonstration base & throughout; And & other National intangible cultural heritage representative work list throughout project development and comprehensive experimental base & protective; ; The AAAAA level scenic spots by the national tourism administration, and at the same time has won three title of national scenic spots in alone, be back to the han people in ningxia as & other; The treasure of ningxia, the special skill & throughout; . Consecutive years of ningxia tourism bureau and tourism bureau of yinchuan granted & other Advanced collective & throughout; The title of honor. Western ZhenBeiBao studios on September 18, 2004 successfully hosted the movie golden hundred flowers awards ceremony, in August 2005 and successfully hosted the sixth session of the eighth China writers association meetings of the presidium, all members of the presidium of China writers association to ZhenBeiBao landscape construction in the west studios agree to give high praise. The main literary achievement of zhang xian2 liang4 from scar literature after the reform and opening up began, until the end of last century the creation of the period. As a writer, founded by western business ZhenBeiBao studios, zhang xian2 liang4 accumulated the experience of market economy, sums up & other Culture is the second productivity & throughout; Claims to the success of western ZhenBeiBao studios, proved after culture in science and technology is also important method to produce high value-added for strengthening the construction of cultural industry in China and the western development provides another example.