Inventory abroad “lone noble” gripping centenarians shengnu first kiss

bachelor JuJiang stick to 13 years.

bachelor stick to 13 years won the big prize.

94 - year - old with his wife and their first son.

94, with his wife and their first son.

Beijing, Nov. 11 (xinhua) comprehensive report, the annual & other Singles day & throughout; Come, more abroad, & other; Single & throughout; , they also have their own suantiankula. Someone for 13 years, the harvest is not love, it is a winning lottery ticket for big prize; Someone searching for the other half frustrated all day long, the boss also to & other; Single people will be fired & throughout; The tone of threat; Someone over hundred years old, still cherished the & other Pure & throughout; The first kiss. Of course, also some people enjoy the single life, threw herself into her job, published & other; No marriage declaration & throughout; .

surprise: bachelor to 13 years for JuJiang

bachelors, 37, Peter & middot; Hill from Devon, England, has been in & other; Throughout the western power &; Company work. He was fascinated by the buy lottery tickets, and always stick with the same number on & ndash; & ndash; 1, 13, 26, 38, 41 and 47.

after 13 years of insist, one day, hill home from work because of an asthma attack, the inconvenience to go out to buy lottery tickets, and betting on the Internet. When he again input digital after 13 years of that group, a miracle has finally appeared, this time, he had a stroke in the amount of prize of $3 million.

hill’s colleague Steven & middot; Fry said: & other; Hill is a great guy, no one will luck is better than he. Have to admit that I envy him to death. Throughout the &; However, most pleased GuangGunHan hill, there will be many more women & other; Attention & throughout; He, maybe this time he doesn’t have to harvest love hold on for 13 years.

maybe bachelor insist always a miracle, let the surprises. India also has a former bachelors with persistence, can harvest love and happiness.

the named rama base & middot; She’s man from India’s haryana, before the age of 86 he has been living a single life. He believed in a single doctrine, but not completely give up the pursuit of love, the age of 86 he met the fate of women, and formed a family.

8 years later, he accidentally in the 50 – year – old wife brought her first child, to create the record of the world’s most old when her father, claims & other; The father & throughout; . Two years later, he added a son, and will own & other; The father & throughout; Record refresh until 96.