Inventory religious disputes American movies Jesus desires temptations

religion in the United States and the Middle East conflict on the issue more prominent, and it is easy to find, taken by some religious drama in the United States, the religious antagonism, intensifying religious contradictions and the examples.

& middot; 2012 “Muslim ignorance”

the Wall Street journal reported that the film called “Muslim ignorance”, by the Israeli African-American Sam & middot; Batch was made and a director. Batch of California real estate developer, had said in an interview Islam is & other; A cancer & throughout; .

& middot; 2006 “da & middot; the Da Vinci code

this movie is based on American author Dan & middot; Brown’s novel “the da & middot; Da Vinci code. “The da & middot; the Da Vinci code the most concentrated criticism is brown will confuse historical fact and fiction. Religious leaders to protest the film describes Jesus Christ to marry Mary magdalene and offspring breeding, two people say it offended believers.

& middot; 2004 “the passion of the Christ”

this cheered and hit the controversy of the film, mainly around the film & other Anti-semitism & throughout; The tendency. When MEL & middot; Gibson started to produce “the passion of the Christ”, the main content is the death of Jesus, and now the jews’ to cause him pain. Involving the sensitive religious contradiction is the root of the problem.

& middot; 1988 “the last temptation of Christ”

the film constructs a & other; Jesus heart throughout the growth &; The general story. In the story, Jesus is no longer the image of Jesus’ love, but a man with desires. Timid hesitation, like fantasy, easy to mistake temptation, like ordinary people marry to a son, and even the bold reform, has caused great controversy at the time.