“Ireland qiong precious jade” maeve, odd prime minister died regretted losing national treasure (FIG.)

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the Irish authoress maeve & middot; Bing, died on July 30 local time in Dublin, has died at the age of 72. Bing qi is not only the Irish national best-selling author, but also the whole English world top bestselling author, good at wen wan and dramatic romance novels, the Chinese media called & other; Throughout Ireland qiong precious jade &; . Her work has sold more than 40 million copies worldwide, have been translated into 37 languages. Irish prime minister kenney regretted Ireland & other; Lost a national treasure. Throughout the &;

in Israel set foot on the journey of writing

bing, born on May 28, 1940 in suburban Dublin base. She is the eldest of four children, my father is a lawyer, my mother is a nurse. & other; In my memory, I have a happy family, there are full of laughter, than anywhere in the world is to be happy. My mother is very capable, such as can take out the card in the throat of a bone. Throughout the &; Penn wrote on the personal web site.

child, Penn was in Dublin a convent school. Remember that time, bing said: & other; We all went to Dublin school, work, our house is about 10 miles away from there. I was full of enthusiasm, love to daydream, are keen to be famous and become a & other; The saints throughout the &; & ndash; & ndash; In order set & other The saints throughout the &; , do not need to suffer or die for something. Throughout the &; For learning, bing has said he is very lucky to be relatively quick study to the teacher to teach knowledge, but unfortunately for those who are not interested in. & other; Although I can through every examination, but I can not get the teacher’s heart. I am a little fat, don’t know anything about the game, that’s incredible for a little girl, but I still very happy, very confident. The reason is very simple, my parents in family education I, they think I am the best in the world. Children in their eyes, and even geese are swans. For me, this is the gift of more valuable than beauty and wealth. Throughout the &; Guest said.

in 1960, bing has a bachelor’s degree in history at the university of Dublin, after graduation in women’s schools teach French, history and Latin. During the teaching, students’ parents is very satisfied with the guest’s teaching work, upon her ticket of Israel as a thank you. Forever in my life is filled with incredible turn, it is because of the gift, the guest has ever set foot on the journey of writing. She got a job on Israel’s collective farm, this time, she every week to write a letter to the thousands of miles away parents kiss saw and heard in the country to the brink of war. & other; In Israel, I often write home, they describe the selection of risk, but have eliminated some of the things that they don’t need to know, such as falling in love with a foreigner. Parents feel shock to me these letters, they carefully will play out, they sent it to the Irish times, this also prompted me to become a writer. Throughout the &; Interestingly, Penn’s father to a letter to the Irish times, won 18 pounds the payment, and then the guest, teach in a school only 16 pounds a month.