“Is sweet is salty zongzi” cause the civil dispute 150000 version “to litigate

rice dumplings are sweet or salty? This question in the debate on the network platform in the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, ending at ten last night, sina weibo, the number of entries has more than 150000, occupy the second hot topic, with & other; Plumes & throughout; Say literally. Supporters are divided into three schools & other; Mutual compromise & throughout; , respectively, is to support the sweet dumplings & other; Sweet party & throughout; , salty zongzi fans & other; Salty party & throughout; Sweet, salty bonus & other; Version throughout the party &; .

& other; Sweet party salty swathes party & throughout;

& other; Sweet party & throughout; User for the north, in their minds, sweet zongzi is orthodox. The net friend & other; The valley of vernacular & throughout; Said: as the northeast person, I since the childhood to eat are increasing jujube sweet reed dipped in sugar, south just salty meat dumplings surprised him.

& other; Salty party & throughout; More net friend, for the south think salty reed is & other Truth & throughout; . The net friend & other; Kitchen & throughout; Said: & other; Soft rice and sasha vujacic yolk mixed with a little fat, bite that call a salty sweet! Throughout the &; But his view by many & other; Sweet party & throughout; The net friend & other; Despised & throughout; That this & other; Incredible & throughout; .

sweet salty’s & other; Version throughout the party &; All’s fish that comes to his net, & other; Did not even eat sweet and salty zongzi also claim to be the guy & lsquo; Version & rsquo; ? Wake up! A variety of flavors of dumplings must taste ah. Throughout the &;

everybody just & other; The tip of the tongue throughout the party &;

comments humor, ridicule, chatter of sweet, salty debate has become one of the Dragon Boat Festival holiday & other; Network event & throughout; . Netizens even for sweet, salty two party elected leader, anthropomorphic funny to make people laugh. Many foreign net friend also involved in the discussion of sweet, salty.

& other; The debate played a positive role in the spread of Chinese traditional culture, & throughout; Northeast normal university, said professor Shi Xiaofeng communication & other; Network has become the important way to cultural transmission, similar arguments can be more widely, but also carry forward the traditional Chinese netizens to play, kill two birds with one stone. Throughout the &;

psychological expert thinks, the taste of rice dumplings, there is no good to discuss this topic itself. Is so hot, because this topic for people with high ego involvement. In this topic, almost everyone has & other; To talk about & throughout; , because this topic enough & other; Civil & throughout; , attracted so many netizens to participate. And the subject can cause the attention of so many people, but also for the Chinese has a sentimentally attached to the traditional cuisine, will taste in a debate, which is why “on the tip of the tongue of China” will be the cause of the fire. IfengLogo (xinhuanet)