Japan in Chinese food culture, Chinese cooking will not eat

as a Japanese, I completely agree with & other; The food in China & throughout; , one of the biggest reason I stay in China for so many years is to eat.

, for example, summer outdoor kebabs with beer, the season is always the most delicious options. In the cold winter, rinse rinse meat fragrant hand cut lamb, and then dipped in Chinese sesame paste, really sweet, even can’t miss the mutton soup.

around China is also the world nonsuch sausage. Rural authentic sichuan spicy sausage with beer or red wine is tie-in, if is also delicious. And baked wheat cake, bite down layers of crisp, from the outside can really compete with the famous French croissants.

by the way, China can be seen everywhere in the street hand rolling is a luxury in the face of me. In Japan, hand hammer it must go to the high-end brand shop to eat, the price is not cheap.

but I wonder is that many Chinese are not really & other; Will eat & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; In daily life, Chinese don’t eat too seriously the situation of arrangement, don’t give daily meals with due status in society.

in Japan (western), including I know, have a meal time is very important to everyone. To eat is to enjoy the process and the occasion of family and friends.

in Japan, is the center of the family dinner, and eat must be stead fast. No matter how busy, everyone will sit down together say 1 & other; Itadaki – masu (thank you! I am going to eat) & throughout; To start the chopsticks. Then enjoy hot food, boast in a mother with good workmanship, then talk about how are you today. Before everyone eat, no one can leave the table, finally to say together & other; Gochiso – sama (this is a delicacy! Thank you) & throughout; , everybody just stood up and clear the table and prepare tea after a meal, dessert and fruit.

in the daily life of Chinese, although the dishes on the table are doing is very rich and delicious, but lack a & other; Appreciate & throughout; The atmosphere of the dinner. As for the busy Chinese, eat only, perhaps the biggest goal is to fill the stomach to hurry up, complete the task. Everyone finished immediately stood up from the table, seems to be a headless one little things of life. It seems to me this way only happen in the military or a prison, with high quality Chinese food too don’t match.

Chinese on daily do not take the habit of eating, extends to the school. Recently I love to discover that I was in primary school children spend 10 minutes every day noon time watching students back to have a meal, chat and is strictly prohibited. No wonder they don’t love school meals.

in Japan, is the golden time of the pupils can’t wait for dinner. School lunch time is 45 minutes, then there’s the 20 or 30 minutes rest. Every school has a kitchen, can supply the hot food. Rice point arrived, on duty that day will wear white apron, mask, cap, took the VAT to the classroom, and put the food in the bowl of every classmate.

how to eat also has knowledge, not partial eclipse and leftovers. In order to facilitate my classmates talk while having dinner, will spell desk back into five or six people together face to face. When you sit, calls will happily together & other; Itadaki – masu” After moving together, sometimes will first introduce the recipe or seasonal vegetables. A meal is just like the house rules, must wait until & other; Gochiso – sama” After closing.

in my memory, school lunch time is the most relaxed and happy in a day. Lunch from education point of view, this arrangement can be fostered children eat with the right attitude, learn to appreciate the four seasons of natural goodness, understanding of diet culture, and cultivate the habit of self-care of labor, is beneficial to the child’s life.

now, a lot of Chinese people began to say, life should be slow down. I think, maybe Chinese people could start to slow down to eat first. There are so many best food around the world, why don’t you enjoy?