Japan monastery new online about page To the monks complained of love

according to the yomiuri shimbun, Japan 4 days to report, in order to reduce the religion and the distance of ordinary citizens, Kyoto, Japan, west destroy temple has recently set up a new online can tell the worry of the new page, by the temple monks to disabuse, the move.

to monks in this new page in addition to the love, the respect such as job worries, also includes small buddhist knowledge, children’s books recommended, vegetarian recipes, etc. 8 items. In addition, will also appear in Beijing temple of foreigners and fashionable personage’s photo. Since April this year after the launch, the page views per week reached 10000 times, sentiment is still rising.

the web operations director tazaki is the third said, before the religious content of web pages is heavy, facing the main is a religious person, the hope to the opening of the new web page as an opportunity to let more and more people interested in Buddhism. (reporter Liu Fei)