Japan now wang xizhi double dating can be called “new discoveries of the century” (FIG.)

bring a according to the known as wang xizhi double dating was found in Japan. Xinhua/

Japan’s NHK (NHK) released the news show, a according to the known as wang xizhi double dating was found in Japan, and on January 22 solstice held on March 3, the special exhibition journal book SAN wang xizhi. NHK called & other; Century new discovery & throughout; .

in Chinese calligraphy, in terms of influence, absolutely no one can be on a par with wang xizhi. This is eminence as & other; Holy book & throughout; The great calligrapher of the eastern, for thousands of years has been the imperial officials and scholars heart longed for hand after object. It is & other; Love & throughout; His to & other; Valueless & throughout; Scour the world for its work with afterwards, makes no future generations to see & other; The king & throughout; Real opportunity.

at present, the world’s museum of & other; Wang xizhi & throughout; Are of the essence of ancient (tang), even ancient, the number of only a dozen, but the most famous of Taipei, fast snow when clear post, loss of Japan’s turmoil post etc.

our country ancient times calligraphy copy method, there are four main, double hook in the filling ink, writing and calligraphy (stone) and photocopy (wood), of which the most double filling ink close to the original. Double filling ink technology began in the tang dynasty, mainly use as some important collections to save a copy of the court, and is also recorded the emperor orders made some treasures a copy of the reward to the secretary. Double filling ink is very time-consuming work, not only high technical requirements, failure rate is also high, so can not ordinary people, only have it in a palace. The main method is to place the original to the light, such as posted on the window, and then use thin paper (opaque ink, prevent fouling the original cover on the original copy down, and then as an intermediary in the paper, to the ordinary paper.

“old tang book & middot; b) was recorded, emperor taizong had ordered liegeman & other; With gold silks purchase throughout wang xizhi rubbings &; , for a while, & other; The world compete for Ji ancient books, and the deficiency in present & throughout; . In the end, the emperor taizong, tang the emperor two incoming house came in wang xizhi calligraphy two thousand two hundred and ninety paper, pack for 13 Zhi, 128 volumes. Kings like wang xizhi almost known at the time, so wang xizhi’s authentic folk almost fragments of writing is hard to find.

in the Ming and qing dynasties, the prosperity of calligraphy is far less than the tang and song dynasty, but it still took their cue from promoting the aftermath of wang xizhi, from the Ming emperor zhu di, the emperor akihito Zhu Gaochi to qing dynasty, qianlong period, we should see wang xizhi’s works as treasure. But, by the qing dynasty had little wang xizhi reproductions, although the qianlong clinging to think what they hide is an original, but later research, also mostly ancient transcription. Gardner autumn sales in 2010, wang xizhi flat AnTie, with 308 million yuan day price clinch a deal, this is a double), has finally been famous collector liu in Shanghai.

wang xizhi reproductions or ancient excellent ink dating all previous dynasties are very precious, so often be cut, so we can price is higher. At present each big museum collection of wang xizhi is not too many words, only a few lines. According to statistics, the existing facsimile tang wang xizhi post less than twenty. Circulated in Japan are among those “disturbance post”, “we two”, “get in post” (three 1 pack), the hole shi in the post, “swim mesh post”, etc., and the new appearance, though no formal name, but enough to is & other; Century new discovery & throughout; .

the gravy boat is in October last year, Japan’s appraisal after confirm a collector to the Tokyo national museum, and the show is the first public display, and will cause the calligraphy in the great sensation.

(Fang Xiang)