Japanese avant-garde movie master: oshima’s death he rebel not just sex

oshima. CFP for figure

oshima 1932-2013
of Japan’s leading writers, directors, actors. In 1976, the director of the sensory world fame. 1978 “the undead of love”, let them get the 31st cannes film festival best director. On January 15, 2013, died of pneumonia, has died at the age of 80.

our correspondent Xie Pei from guangzhou

15 January, & other; Japan throughout the first avant-garde director &; Oshima’s death. & other; A week ago, I asked the big island, do you want to go home, or would like to have good things to eat, want to drink. Oshima said & lsquo; I want to drink & rsquo; . Finally get the prior consent of the doctor to he took a sip of his wine. Throughout the &; Accompany with oshima wife of 52 years, & other Japan in the 1960 s the most pure beautiful actress & throughout; Hill Ming said.

since 1996 after cerebral hemorrhage, oshima spent most of the last 17 years of life in the fight with the disease, and other I want to drink & throughout; Is he left to the last sentence of the world. This grew up under the Japanese militarism education, teenager after Japan’s defeat, post-war democracy, & other; Tokyo war & throughout; The & other; The author director & throughout; , with the ups and downs change of the Japanese film industry, from system within the system, the independent to international cooperation, and returnees, after more than half a century of left a large number of classic film works, also in TV, radio, documentary film, fiction, poetry and even have much fashion. Things change, times change, oshima as a teenager, with the spirit of not change with strong halfback, rebellious spirit, to traditional film art will turn into fear, system and human sexuality dagger. This dagger, acerbity, when suffering, no taboo, knife knife bone.

weak young into student leader

on March 31, 1932, was born in Kyoto oshima. Parents are the pride of his boyhood, ancestors are edo period of Ma Fan governors in the home, great grandfather is a fighter, the Meiji restoration after come down, the father is the ministry of agriculture, forestry and fisheries technician, in fisheries. & other; Oshima & throughout; Words, is refers to the & other; A small piece of land in water & throughout; .

a young father, born in a poor family, oshima said his childhood & other; Lack of exercise cells, also not good to fight, every time been bullied back home, is reading dead dad left throughout the book &; . Father’s legacy, in addition to the literature corpora and cyclopedia, there are a lot of books left, the communist party, the social party.

in 1945, Japan’s defeat, read the second oshima accepted the abolishment of the militarism education, five years later was admitted to Kyoto university school of law. The school motto for & other; Free style of study throughout the &; Big school of Beijing, at the beginning of weak young, grow up. Presumably reporter stone sitting chang writes the three & other; At Kyoto university, he is one of the biggest luminaries in the campus, it is said that scores as & lsquo; Associate professor, school of law & rsquo; Have more than enough. Throughout the &; To study law, oshima with classmates in Japan under the influence of the communist party is engaged in the drama and student activities, the former vice chairman of Kyoto university students and Kyoto university, chairman of the student union, in 1951, the emperor of Japan visited the school, the students put up a poster asked the emperor & other; To apotheosize & throughout; . In 1953, oshima as leader of the students parade hit, a complete failure.

involved in the 15 films shot, it was Japan in the 500 annual film environment, to be a poor number. In the meantime, he finished 11 plays.

new director, leading the new wave

oshima after graduating from college, because is considered & other; Reds & throughout; Without work. Wood HuiJie under the director of the women’s college ignited his movie world, & other; He excitedly realized film is to be able to communicate between intellectuals and the masses a weapon & throughout; And then was admitted to the shochiku film studios, starting from the assistant director, step by step film. Five years before the film factories, oshima participated in the 15 films shot, it was Japan in the 500 annual film environment, to be a poor number. In the meantime, he finished 11 plays.

27 oshima, great impact to the film because of the TV industry, as a new force shochiku film studio, was pushed to the front desk of history, abnormality is promoted to director. In 1959, he was the director first street “” love and hope, the protagonist is a talented young are the underlying, neurasthenia, father died young, mother lie in bed, sister to supplement household, he has a group of pigeons, obedient to sell them and then call back, repeatedly. Kind of the factory director of delicate female because buy pigeons are met. Story is not like a rich girl with poor boy all’s well that ends well pattern, at the end of the film, are angrily smashed loft, shot and killed the girl let brother to fly back to his side of the dove. The underlying the plight of the life, ignoring the rules for survival (or desire), the rebel radical image, then appear in many oshima’s films.