Japanese media say the former comfort women have Japanese claims against Guo Xicui died

China & other; Throughout the comfort women &; Guo Xicui Japanese claims

Beijing, 26 July 26 (Reuters) according to kyodo news agency reported, sued the Japanese government and claims of China & other; Throughout the comfort women &; Guo Xicui Yu County 23 in shaanxi province died at his home, he was 86 years old. The cause of death is unknown, but Guo Xicui from about three years ago became bedridden.

it is reported that Guo Xicui in Japan during the war of aggression against China in 1942 by the Japanese soldiers kidnapped and held in military facilities, and long suffering after days of violence, citing a complaint against Japan government demanded an apology and compensation. Japan’s Supreme Court ruled in April 2007, are true, such as the kidnapping and rape but does not recognize the Chinese people to the Japanese government, right Guo Xicui eventually lost.

Guo Xicui was testifying activities in Japan, Osaka, recently told the mayor he speak protested about the comfort women, also participated in the requirements under the Osaka lawyer will dispose preparation under the bridge.

in mid-july, Guo Xicui has stressed that Japan’s attitude toward us is not fair, won’t be cheat the second time. This became her last message.

in early July, 4 Japanese victims of sexual violence, such as Guo Xicui joint protest release said: & other; In recent years, some politicians in Japan and Japanese right-wing colluded, distort history unceasingly, for the Japanese militarist aggression war crimes against his conviction. Especially recently, as Japan’s prime minister, shinzo Abe, the Japanese city of Osaka’s mayor, Mr Hashimoto, again and again speech distortion during world war ii, the Japanese government and military sexual violence done, the Chinese women’s mind and body to be destroyed. Throughout the &;