Japan’s first mystery writer of tolo keigo how to writing: imitation beyond after first

tolo keigo is said to be very good at imitating, in his early writing career, whenever a sensational appeared on the Japanese literary world of mystery novels, he will imitate the style to write novels, and then a success. Tolo keigo have always had a higher goal, and through our own efforts to transcend. As a and a higher purpose is beyond, in the end he finally experience the feeling of lonely at the top, so he need to go beyond the past yourself, have the dedication of the suspect X.

frankly, after the dedication of the suspect X works most can only be maintained at a relatively stable level, while few amazing breakthrough. Novel is becoming more and more like a play, rendering of emotion also slowly had routines. For superior, losing goals is a terrible thing, continuously surpass others, finally even be beyond the past self, then what is the point of writing? After the suspect, dedicating to the X, the brushwork of tolo how much a subtle hesitation and hesitated, but this “whose is the cuckoo egg”, can be said to be the self-reflection of his works.

type novelist self-reflection, usually not explicitly indicate that the light points only in words. Actually light reading can roughly guess the story, the book around player Fei Tian Feng disturbing of beauty, of course of tolo keigo reflection is not your life, but the relationship between the interest and talent. Disturbing must involve the blood, but in today’s conditions, the blood tend to be associated with gene. In the fiction, the teak on tirelessly to investigate the relationship between genes and athletes. Some life down is conducive to movement of the gene, but not everyone is interested in to use this kind of talent.

talents and interests are not the same thing, the pain of the people choice, most of the time from you don’t want to do for you. Birds of the novel, the stretch my after such a choice. He born with genes for skiing, but they themselves are interested in skiing no, he is the music that you love, just for the sake of livelihood agreed to learning to ski. This kind of pain, as the line of the book, has been throughout the book. Actually the Fei Tian Feng beauty, I’m afraid she also experienced such a choice. In her & other; Fans & throughout; Article on the stretch line by accident after the car accident died, she has doubt on the engaged in sports.

low spirits who will have. Tolo keigo himself and struggle for many years, tasted all kinds of self-comforting. Tolo constantly imitate others, in a period to maintain high quality and high quantity of work shows his talent in writing. But what does he like it or not, whether there are birds in his heart the more stretched my pain, in order to survive and to write books, you don’t like to challenge constantly trying new subjects, for sales to join all kinds of elements?

works is the shadow of a writer, though out of a book to see the outline of the writer, but at least can glimpse, read the writer’s one side. The point of this book is not to pursue the cuckoo egg exactly is who, but do you want to go to use their innate condition. Is in the eyes, decisively engaged in that her beloved work, or endure your dissatisfaction, in the midst of the envy of the world do what you don’t like to do?

but correspond to tolo, prompting the source of tolo constantly writing, except for a living, I’m afraid that he wanted to transcend all psychological also played a big role, can say this is the competitive of tolo keigo genes. If the future of the Japanese literary world outrageous works, there are those who wrote the tolo keigo will arouse the heart of the challenge, again with a new work to surpass others?

maybe a lot of people are looking forward to this day.