Jiangsu magic now boiling Wells: well like boiling water bubbled out day and night (FIG.)

six Wells show & other; S” The shape distribution. Images by jinling evening news reporter Liu Yu taken

bring & other; Boiling & throughout; The muddy water Wells.

reporter Liu Yu

well water boiling, day and night with qing turbid

yesterday morning, reporters in the bus came to the town of danyang Chinese nine village, under the guidance of a local villagers journalists found the legendary & six other Boiling well & throughout; .

a plum temple scenic spot measure secretary told the jinling evening news reporter, at present this & six other Boiling well & throughout; Has become a scenic spot in danyang plum temple, every year attracts visitors from all over the country.

in a block with columns of about 10 square meters, on the ground, jinling evening news reporter discovered the ancient six, six & other; Boiling well & throughout; Are arranged serpentine, wellhead sizes, the average is about 60 cm in diameter, the distance between each well about 30 cm.

the jinling evening news reporter after careful observation, found that six Wells in qing turbidity, color on the water quality is clear, north of the three Wells and on the south three Wells were turbid yellow color, looks similar to rust water.

unlike general well water, the water in the six Wells unexpectedly seem like boiling water was bubbling outward unceasingly, unceasingly have different sizes of bubbles from close to the surface of the water near the wall, each of the water of the well & other; Boiling & throughout; , is also different from bubbles or big or small, amazing.