Jiangsu wuxi septuagenarian 80 day and night will seal cutting chan of 56 nationalities

here Wu Xichun creative works of “China dragon seals”. Gu Xue yao taken

Beijing, wuxi, September 26 (xinhua) & other; This year is the year of dragon, I carved the dragon seals, wish the general public happy Mid-Autumn festival and National Day double festival in advance! Throughout the &; 26, jiangsu wuxi water show community Wu Xichun took out a 74 – year – old old man just carving a seal, with Indonesia, and then a heavy pressure, of rice paper, suddenly presented a special & other; Dragon & throughout; Words. Called “Chinese dragon seals” works by the han, zhuang, Tibetan, hui, Mongolian, the name of the 56 ethnic groups, condensing Wu Xichun old man 80 work day and night.

in Wu Xichun less than 20 square meters as you can see, in the study on low grid, all kinds of stone piled up into the hills, is very spectacular. & other; 56 ethnic groups, the 56 flowers, is a 56 brothers and sisters, 56 languages, summed up in a word, I love China! Throughout the &; Catchy tune in the old man’s mouth slowly and song, kedao markings and strong under the pieces of stone. Wu Xichun admitted that its just to show the totem of China with its own interests & ndash; & ndash; A dragon.

& other; 16 strokes with national split, looking nearly is small seal, far is China & lsquo; Dragon & rsquo; Word, Yin and Yang noodles with different color makes the whole dragon with the change of different thick, like calligraphy ink for the ups and downs have send. Throughout the &; Talk about creative inspiration, Wu Xichun said, to show the structure of Chinese characters, with the creation of the “Chinese dragon seals”, he will have traditional dragon pieces, and han, zhuang, Tibetan, hui, Mongolian and other 56 nationalities name carved into a square seals, then use the seal of the traditional Chinese & other; Dragon & throughout; .

it is understood that the 74 – year – old seal cutting YiLing Wu Xichun old man has more than 40 years, after 1972 years of hardwork, its concentration seal cutting art, accumulative total more than 500 seals, portraits, calligraphy and painting, dated are finishing, such as the “Chinese dragon seals” creation, but also embodies its 80 – day and night. The