Jie origin in cologne eldest son to father: handsome fighting skill is high Retainers ma

at cologne school days live-in girlfriend Zheng Yuexia born the son of Zheng Xiaolong

he won 4 gold medal in judo For Mr Ma, a senior bodyguards

Beijing times dispatch (reporter nan-nan zhao) martial arts drama “xinchuan always are in post-production. Producers yesterday revealed that the play always aims to build the most close to the original, so please come to cologne eldest son Zheng Xiaolong as an adviser. Director zhang said: & other; From actors, lines to set, we are all in strict accordance with the cologne original. Throughout the &;

this is the first time Zheng Xiaolong involved father works creation, television programmes he regrets a lot: & other; It’s like a memorial to his father, I quite agree with cast and faithful to the original idea, it is a kind of respect for my father. Chu liuxiang series, I think the father is not a simple river grievances, children fear, but rather a new martial arts, more like a detective story, there are a lot of mystery, director zhang min for the flavor of the ancient version of Sherlock Holmes. Throughout the &;

Zheng Xiaolong, born in 1967, is a cologne in school days, born to live-in girlfriend Zheng Yuexia Zheng Xiaolong weight as 100 kg, is more than 1.80 meters in height, once in five consecutive terms of the world police judo competition. Play back 4 gold MEDALS, 5 times has reached practical the strongest five sections, section number is one of the world’s strongest police judo. In addition to martial arts high strength in the real world, his relationship with the novelist cologne curiosity has led to the outside world. Shape of swordsman outlaw hero novelist cologne, after the death of royalties is accidentally drag out Zheng Xiaolong GuLongFei factor; He and cologne legitimate children bear up to engage in a lawsuit, publishers and others. After DNA evidence, Zheng Xiaolong has won cologne part of the inheritance of smooth, four years ago Zheng Xiaolong to GuLongFei marriage life, son of identity, hundreds of millions of yuan for his father the copyright, in clothing, food and the premise of no shortage of gold retinue Zheng Xiaolong will take towards the road of the President ma ying-jeou security task. (the above for jinghua times)

(phoenix net culture comprehensive) as the eldest son of cologne, Zheng Xiaolong more handsome than cologne, vibrant, kung fu is very good, is very sedate calm and low key. As senior officials in Taiwan’s bodyguards, he picture, very polite, from the outside it is hard to see is a man of kungfu. Zhang Baorui also revealed that Zheng Xiaolong height more than 1.8 meters, nearly 100 kg, is very tall and strong.

Stories of

Zheng Xiaolong had revealed to the world, he don’t look at cologne, haven’t seen a film. Cologne for Zheng Xiaolong served as the role of father only until 6 years of age, followed by himself when he was 19 years old as an eldest son to attend his funeral. Zheng Xiaolong id has been & other; The father is unknown & throughout; , in spite of this, his funeral, is still clearly written on an obituary & other; The eldest son & throughout; Zheng Xiaolong. After the death of gulong, royalties dispute has been. Due to the illegitimacy Zheng Xiaolong is cologne, he has worked with GuLongZhi child bear is up to (cologne and his wife MeiBaoZhu bore) engage in a lawsuit, publishers and others. After DNA tests, Zheng Xiaolong has won cologne part of the inheritance of smooth, inherited his father’s huge royalties. For the sensation Chinese society of copyright lawsuit, Zheng Xiaolong, said he inherited his father’s heritage and royalties, nominally also reached a consensus and family at the same time, willing to share with other family members father’s heritage.